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Words about the Clinton Foundation.
« on: September 11, 2016, 11:54:57 am »
The Clinton foundation is in the news and politics about every day.

After months of hearing about how crooked the Clinton Foundation is supposed to be. I did some research to find facts instead of conspearacy fiction.

Trump lies about everything, so I totally discount his talk on the subject. There are some other politians bad mouthing Clinton about the foundation, but it all shows to be hot air..

I had heard the foundation only spends 10 percent or less for Charity. This is wrong. They spend that amount helping other charities. Another 70 percent is spent for grants for the charatable projects they are involved with. Under 4 percent is spent on wages for management and other expenses. 20 percent goes into fundraising.
I know that come out over 100%, but the gifts to other charities are more like 6 percent. The Clintons get nothing for themselves out of it, and no evidnce that doners get any favors from their donations.  Despite all the reteric that Trump throws out.

I found some websites that tell of what the foundtation does, and how they spend their money. I doubt if those who are looking for a good reason to not like the Clintons will be changed by this, or even want to believe it, but I felt something besides he GOP's opinons / halftruths / conspiracy suspicions should be posted on the subject.

It's all politics. I think they  should allow politicians to be sued when they lie about their opponents, but
then they would have to be honest wouldn't they.  :P  Perhaps it's becase the public enjoys all the whoopla
is the reason they don't.  "Oh and the word "whoopla" is a real word believe it or not.  :D "

I found these site are not at the top of the search list since people tend to click on the conspiracy sites more
often. The media is more likely to talk about the conspiracy's as people find them more interesting than the simple truth.

Here are the sites I read. Read them yourself if you like.  One is from National Public Radio..
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