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I just saw an ad on TV recently, encouraging people to get the whooping cough vaccine for their infants.
They did a good job creating an anthro wolf! They even made a video and the wolf is quite realistic looking (better than this photo in some ways).

30s Video ad (The wolf is only shown at the 22 second mark).

How cool and funny! Some ads on tv can be really weird but this is pretty cool, to raise awareness to get your vaccine! :) I already have the whooping cough vaccine and the TDAP so, I'm good for awhile.(got both vaccines 3 years ago.)

That's stupendous and quite creative way to promote whooping cough vaccine!
It seems that the use of anthropomorphic animals is becoming more widespread in the advertising world! That can be positive since more artists would be able to get commercial work :).
The artist(s) did a great job portraying realism !

In my country, 75% of the ads are actually anthropomorphic animals :D !

I wonder what the furry haters thought when they saw that.
(Original comment removed due to my forgetting what the title was.)

Old Rabbit:
To be honest I probably would have been a bit scared to have seen a 6 foot tall
wolf when I was a little fellow.  :D

They did a fine job on the video and makeup though. :orbunny:


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