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The title of the poem is ")(" which is supposed to represent that the self cannot be contained. Ideas transcend even conscious thought, and can reprimand the human core without even a warning.


Forsake the memories that bind.
Drift away from that which must be found.
Quell the flames that swell from the mind.
Deafen the thoughts that resound without sound.

Ingest the knowledge of nothingness.
Grasp the tangible handle of burning bliss.
Taste the transient nature of lucidity.
Because we are human, a case of ambiguity.

Eliminate personal metaphors.
Destroy yourself from within the core.
Remove the blindfolds that constrict.
Reality or dreams, which is which?

Flesh, like truth, is subject to change,
But no matter how hard we try to misconstrue,
The mind and body will continue to feud,
Because we are human, a vessel in which even life can be seen as strange.
"Every world has an end. just have to look beyond reality."

"The world is my tide, but I am the ocean."

Я Франк.

Чтобы видеть глаза купаются в свете, нужно сначала понять себя.