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BeckyL97: Giving Poetry a Try
« on: April 07, 2013, 11:24:51 am »
Just decided to share a little poetry that I wrote. I hope you enjoy it, everyone!  :)

A warm autumn evening, the cool and gentle breeze
Teasing at my fur, while I rest curled up
Under the shade of an ancient willow tree.
My eyes are closed, though as of yet
I am not quite asleep, though I am
Indeed close to falling into slumber.
The breeze tugs at my fur, and
My luscious purple ears detect a
Presence not far away.
Almost lazily, I open one eye to
Spy a tall Arcanine approaching,
Looking rather fierce.
I sigh; it is not in my nature
To put up a fight, at any time
And so I merely back down.
Not making any fuss, I stand
And turn around, walking away
To find a nest elsewhere.
It does not take long, and I curl up
Underneath yet another shady tree,
Letting my eyes flicker gently shut.
It takes little time for me to fall
Into slumber. I do not mind moving,
So long as I do not have to fight.
For I am a pacifist.
I am Delcatty.

My eyes, their icy blue and piercing stare intimidates all.
My arms, their muscles under my striped fur give away my strength.
My voice, that carries my almost constantly angered tone.
I am the fursonification of rage and sadness.
My past is dark; I have dealt out evil, and received it.
Time has changed me deep at heart, for the worse.
I have, regretfully, shunned almost everyone from my life.
My nature us to keep them away, despite how lonely I become.
True enough, depression may creep up on me.
And I often feel lonesome, though I'd never admit it to others.
But I have given up controlling my rage; I've tried and failed.
I am Aastha, White Tigress, and a victim of fate.

Leopard, Hunter of the Night
The forest is dark, the night is cold.
Beauty is everywhere, for all to behold.
The stars in the sky shine like never before,
The nighttime's silence strikes right to one's core.
A shape darts forward, then disappears again,
For a moment all is still, and then
The night's hunter steps into the lunar light,
Poised, alert, with vastly sharp sight.
Leopard is swift, queen of the dark,
Chances of catching her are certainly stark.
Her ears twitching, she sniffs the air.
Hoping to catch possible prey unaware.
She catches a scent, she darts away to hide,
To wait patiently for her prey to arrive.
Leopard sees prey approach, silent and still,
She decides on the moment to go for the kill.
The gazelle wanders close, its final mistake,
The last error it will ever make.
Jumping forth, Leopard roars,
Felling the unfortunate gazelle with her claws.
Successful again, Leopard can feast,
She lets herself relax, now her hunt has ceased.
The hunter of the night retreats,
Dragging her prize to where no others can reach.

I'll add more later, I promise. ^_^
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