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For those of you who aren't familiar with latin, the word caecus stands for blind.



It devoured my eyes.


Robbed me of the world.


Tore the visage of my family from my eyes.


I can still hear my two year old son laughing to himself as he turned my wife into his own personal canvas.


No longer am I able to cherish the beauty of my wife.


Now... now, I am tortured by the sighs that escape through her grinding teeth.


Now I am tortured by the sound of my son's voice,


Infancy no longer present in the sound of stone


My eyes grow wet as I relax in the sweltering heat of my suburban home.


Air struggles to make its way in and out of my crumpled form, as if I were a broken set of bellows.


Memories begin to seep into my frail conscience....


" I want a divorce."


She smelt so lovely that day....


"I can't handle it anymore, Caecus."


The intensity of her touch....


"I'm leaving with Risque."


The sound of her voice kissing my ears tenderly….


“I miss the old you, Caecus…”


Please kill me….


“Risque yearns for a father, but you aren’t fighting for a relationship with him.”


What did I do to deserve this…?


“I’m sorry. I have to leave now.”


No…don’t go….


The slam of a door.




The rev of machinery.




And then silence.


The darkness quivered, as if to reflect the pain that coursed throughout my body.


Memories…God, how I hate them so.


Fumbling, I search for the end to this misery.


Through the darkness, I begin to find memory in touch.


I topple over several bottles of medication, the sound of tiny pills pelting glass.


My hand brushes past the sleek surface of a lamp.


Then…my hand grasps what I have searching for….


I stroke the cold, hard barrel of such a magnificent creature.


Almost as if it has a mind of its own, it finds its way in between my teeth, my tongue resting itself beneath the creature’s cold appendage.


“I love you, Caecus…”


Did you ever mean those words?


“We’ll grow old together and die in our rocking chairs, you old coot.”


Where are you now?


“Can’t you see?”


The darkness, Bellus. The darkness….


My finger began to stroke the answer to my fate.


“Forgive me…”


This time I heard nothing, nor did I feel anything at all.


But…I did find peace.


No longer did I linger in darkness, I had found a light for my world, and I had never felt such radiance.




The light was my canvas, and I created and destroyed my ideas.


Now I understand where my son obtained his traits.


By some divine rite, I had obtained what I had lost so many years ago….


My family and I reunited within my own imagination, picking up where we had left off in life.


I had everything.


And…I had never been happier.
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