Author Topic: hells fury is the tears of an angel  (Read 915 times)

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hells fury is the tears of an angel
« on: November 19, 2010, 06:49:30 pm »
What is this feeling?
Un-mistaking bleeding of thy guy
Pure wicked evil in a solemn tear
Cant comprehend the sight of the evil around

Just another disaster to fall upon the ground
No mater how hard I try to be good
Unpunished to the feeling of wellbeing
Sell my soul to the heavens and used as a gamble on life

Make me feel no pain as I live
Let me never die but let me feel all the pain I gain through life
Fear fill my soul as I live on
Scar the eyes of my soul

Feeding on the pain I see but on thyself is horrid
As I acted so well, or tried to have been
Question to ask the gamblers of life
All the question seem to be unanswered

See the rising of stakes, make me feel no pain
Just watching how my soul rots and decays
Fury on the life around me but with all thing, tried to be good from the start
Craving the attention from others and the evil I shall be doing, seeing them cry before me

Shall I try to be good even if it cause more pain?
Ice pick my heart out of the frozen gates of hell.
No matter how hard I try I shall always be evil.
Can the mayhem ever end?

Get me, forget me.
All the blood I see on the ground I laugh because that could have been, but that was my doing
The generous life can be a curse because your road was set already
Feeling the steps are getting longer with ever chance you take to reach the top

Eyesore to believe I could have been the good one
Unpunished to keep doing my evil
To believe I can be good, is there a way to turn back?
Never again shall my mind be set to I can believe I can do good.
Pretty much, everyones "darkside" thinks like this. When you're in a state of mind and feeling gloomy, etc. Though this poem took me 20 min to whip up, I think I did a pretty darn good job!

Poem (c)Sancer Amaretto Topaz/Bryan Santos