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So Far Away
« on: July 07, 2012, 03:13:17 am »
Mates long gone and I don't understand
Revenge is only passed on to the next
Miles away from holding in my hands
No more tears to make my face wet

We both made mistakes starting with me
I say something truthful but only anger is heard
Through that she deems it time to go to another
She makes a bigger mistake that still haunts her

No news for a month and I call for her
No response
One day we speak again
But she is lost

She says the new road will make her happy
Everyone there is the same
They all seek only love
But they play a new game

Another month gone and another hello
Lies of happiness are all I'm told
She only wants love and she's found the one
But after how she did before I say I'm done

Two weeks pass and I regret through each day
I send her a call with nothing to say
We act like we said nothing
Then wish each other a good life

Time forgotten passes on
I try again but do not call
She has no home and I offer mine
But she still holds on to that single line

No matter the time, no matter the place
She stays with new people but can't find a space
A few months in a shack and we see each other again
Shes got no good news and she still isn't slipping

Today I dream of life down the path
Shes no longer on the chair
Shes no longer smiling at me
We no longer share anything

Now all i wish is for her to be happy
For her current path to take her to comforting light
But as long as I don't know where she is or how
I will keep my blade locked away

Untill the day we meet on the same path
Nothing will glow
No one will know
And I won't be shown
funny how life can do that to the best and ignore the worst :'(
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