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Prarions Seven Curses
« on: February 23, 2013, 09:42:04 am »
Hey there,

I suddenly came up with an idea of write a speaking poem (trying to remove rhythm but keep rhytm).  So i'm going to task myself to post Seven curses.

Just to warn you I have a powerful voice in my head, put during translation to my hands (onto paper or PC) I forget what I wanted said.  So This may only be but tributes to what I potentially can do.

Still this is Prarion's Curses.  Prarion is a 5"9 Human Fey with large golden-glow butterfly wings.  He has mossy green hair and resembles that of (...well the human me) a boy 19.  He is connected with nature (just as I, Natura Wolf is) but also learned the teachings of glyph writing/enchanting from from arcane/human magic.  This lead to his exilement of the fey realms, but do not be mis-judged he is still fey.

Soo this is his curses

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Re: Prarions Seven Curses
« Reply #1 on: February 23, 2013, 09:42:28 am »
"Prarionís Curse:  Lust"

Take the blade that is held in my heart
In which you turned, twisted and tore apart
And wield the dagger as you do
For the bloodied blade belongs to you.
In the blade my heart did store
Entities content it in vast galore
Held is the passion of the mind and Innocence of the heart
Soaked through the metal to the tipped dart
Use the blade as you did once upon the bodies you would overcome
Wield it true and pierce it onto each soul you succumb
Touch their lips with your own as it is felt
And watch their heart stumble and melt
In the sting of your dagger I will bleed
Out forth the love that you had freed
You carried this love in the sword you would strum
Now it covers their hearts so numb
Filling their hearts with all I knew
That love is blind and love is true
Tenderly they will find me for my heart does not lie
Till love is seen through the souls of each eye
Soon they will forget your name and face
Then gender and height, and age and race
Gentle hearts will pass you by
With not one look through your soulís eye
Alone and faded you will drain
Till your heart and soul remain
In the lonely times, the shadows will slither before you in your fright
And ages vines will pierce the ground to your heart with thorns to bite
So use the dagger as you did before
Until you cannot wield no more
Release your hands and drop the blade
Then the wilted heart will lift and fade
Revealing the soul that your eyes did not see
The solace heart and spiritís beauty
It will come to take your heart which you once did not give nor dare
In turn it will give you theirs and together your hearts share

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Re: Prarions Seven Curses
« Reply #2 on: February 26, 2013, 12:29:12 pm »
I don't know much about poetry, but your poem was
a interesting read with a lot of feeling in it. 

Keep up the good work :orbunny:

Avatar drawn by me.

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Re: Prarions Seven Curses
« Reply #3 on: February 26, 2013, 01:40:36 pm »
Thank you :)

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Re: Prarions Seven Curses
« Reply #4 on: March 06, 2013, 12:11:28 pm »
"Prarionís Curse:  Envy"

From rooted seeds of bittersweet
Twists the poison incomplete
Of the fruitless forest you that you let fly
To reflect the green within your eye
The thorns you scratched, the petals you snatched
To bleed the forces where you latched
Upon the blessed of each kin
To suckle their win, with your sin.

So see the light you cannot bind
Through the poison of your mind
I breathe the air you cannot catch
The warmth, the comfort mine attached
Leave you shaded in your dreams
Iíll thread nightmares from the seams
The highest heights and furthest reaches
I shall reach from your impeaches
I live your dream, your heart and mod
For Iím embodied as your god
Till your fears flood like night
And your black tree trunk sparks, ignite
Burn the roots and burn the thorns
That entered and pierced each kin like horns
Let the tree collapse and wilt
Releasing each neighbour you gripped with guilt
Embers cast the naked eye
To see self-conscience you held high.
Ash will spread within your throat
Fill the lungs you used to gloat

Once you feel the pain youíd feed
Tranquil shall come and youíll succeed
To feel the air upon your tongue
Taste the sweetness in your lungs
And from the ashes comes a seed
Contains the dreams youíll always need
And extra shows your talented self
That you locked upon your shelf
Take the seed within your hand
Feel the light you understand
Bury your dreams within the earth
Nurture, care till you rebirth
To a tree of strengthened growth
From this beam you take an oath
That all dreams deserve to bloom
If we all just make some room.
Extend our routes to one another
And love each other as a brother
Then see green symbolic of life
For dust shall be of envyís knife

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Re: Prarions Seven Curses
« Reply #5 on: April 07, 2013, 03:28:54 am »
"Prarions Curse: Wrath"

Pound, the words of hatred spew
Pound, the words slashing though
Pounding glare of violent red
Pound, the beams to strengthen preyís dread
Pound, sharp the air turn gloom
Pounded by heights volume
Pound, the spit slash on ones cheek
Pound, the heart beats in its freak
Pound, fist, clenched hot as fire
Pound, fist, the rage climbs higher
Pound, fist, Strikes like fanged teeth
Pound, fist, bludgeons the beef
Pound, fist, leg grinds the bones
Pound, fist, breaks discarded tones
Pound, fist, acuted stings
Pound, fist, repeated brings
Pound, fist, cuts richest blood
Pound, fist, till drains flood
Pound, fist, the dying flame
Pound, fist, devour and maim...
In the memory of what iíve done
Targets the wrath you poured on one
Like lashing of lava to burn and scar
The body and mind bruised in forms of tar
Burn the flame of rage by hearts
To snub the ember thatís wild and darts
Break the stems of narrow thoughts
Bleed the acid that fuel distorts
Once the choking misted smoke
Returns the air from where you choke
Gaze the eyes within a flash
Upon your palace molten with ash
The lifeless, souless, crumpled sight
Caused by the anger in your might
Imploding deep, enfolding sit
Shivers you down into a pit
Surrender your guns, your blade, your sword
Drop to your knees to pray for hordes
Unlearn the arts that caused such pain
Reform the withered affairs you strain
Once you open your eye wide
Accept the quirks that others provide
The drops of tears your cheeks call
The rain of mercy that doth fall
To rebirth the land from your purge
Give life again from its surge
Then watch the land with patient care
And feel the love return and share

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Re: Prarions Seven Curses
« Reply #6 on: May 29, 2013, 07:53:51 am »
"Prarion's Curses:  Greed"

<Prologue (This is for something else involving these)>
Twist the tides and turn the tables
Mother calls you from your stable
To change the sins upon their label
And wake them from their fearful fable
<End of Prologue>

Owner the quantity merges of paper and pen
To stand on upon mountains made of men
Worldly goods,
All the entities that you can hold
Made from jewels, coinage and gold
Vintage Art,
Your hands to carry the false valueís need
And starve the empty hands you bleed.
You took all wanted and left those in need
They feel the pain while you fuel the greed
The items steady to incline your stock
As their lives decline to soil and rock...


So take,
Take it all,
Fill out your must,
We shall confer you,
And shed the loaded goods,
Rich, majestic upon your back,
Carry your prided possessions...

Till you cannot walk-
May comfort deny you,
Till you cannot stand-
Shall status desert you,
Till you cannot move-
Might the heated sun resist you,

And by the passing carriage of time
The rich will only feed the values that satisfies no hunger
And the poor refuse what you give freely to live
Fall under the mountain of goods before you
While the deprived walk freely past.
Learn the blessed lecture on price