Author Topic: Laying on the dance floor [inspired by Gabberstag by futret FT renard]  (Read 885 times)

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Put into my place,
I just can't seem to catch a break,
Overwhelmed by life and love,
I've melted into a lake.
I just wanna lay down in this snow,
And freeze until the end of time,
Remember when we were young,
And remind myself that you're still mine.
But all is not golden,
No, hon, this is not all it seems,
When you look and see I'm broken,
That's not all I'll always be.
I won't go sobbing down like i did before,
I'll fight until forever more,
I refuse to be bound,
You can't can't push me to the ground.
No, darling, I'm not so weak this time.
I bet you never realized how much i cared,
Never saw the behind the scenes,
Well baby doll,
That's just me.
I'll keep my tail held high,
And never let you down,
I'll make that pitiful tiara,
Into a glowing crown.
But remember I won't go down sobbing,
Not like I did before,
No sweetheart I won't be bound,
I'll sing forever more
~be yourself- people will not like you anyway~