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Malice & Immortal Love
« on: August 01, 2010, 03:31:47 pm »
Your the epitome of soul.
Foul retched spirit leaping at my heart.
Crazed with perverted loved and obsession
Your mind is a hole.
You mutilate art.

Everything you touch wishes to die.
Your grotesque appearance is hated even by Saint Mary
You sicken even the most monstrous of beasts.
Ye Lord of the Flies
to him you seem scary.

Kill the noise caste by your teeth
The sound that echos is rotten and sick
It rivals that of Lucifer
That overhauled screech
sings of sh*t.

Forever bleeding this insufferable pain.
We cast your presence to Damnation
Hoping you to gone from this existence.
You left no man sane
Their lives eternal sedation.

Immortal Love
Love is so forever radiant in the moonlit sky.
Take my hand and wish to die.
Dreams of romance and freedom promised for what we have in store.
An everlasting light...were we are no more.

Subsiding into permanent bliss.
Waiting for the final kiss.
Like Romeo and Juliet, we were meant to be together.
Hold hands till death, and live on forever.
At height of our uncertainty.
We grow old in our eternity.

Living so long without breath
Caring so long without regret.

I wish us this spell whenever needed.
For it will be the last wish I'll have heeded.

Tell me which one is better.
Tis one day I wanted to become something great! SHOT down by the people around me for thinking differently. I need to step up and move out!