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Midnight's Regrets
« on: July 10, 2013, 05:02:37 am »
From the moon’s sand that sprinkle into my nightly gaze I stir in wonder blind by the undisturbed darkness of noon.  Like fireflies my mind casts lighted dreams of the mind through my eyes so I see all I remember or imagine.
My moment of solitude to expose every vulnerability that I clench close to my stomach as they wriggle through my vains.

I could have done better, couldn’t I?
I would have done better, wouldn’t I?
I must do better, must I?

The day grows stale to the active mind from the idle body in continual conflict until nothing is resolved.  The black and white contrast ends the fabled rainbow of my work until justice has lost all meaning.  The dying dreams within blunts my tongue from fitting to enclosure of those heartily stored.

I should have listened, shouldn’t I?
I shall listen, shan’t I?

Petals of my imagination wither to black ash pressed upon my stomach in a swirling black hole, dire pain from the un-punctured body.
So I take my music, and I play, and I ask myself if I could begin the day again would I do better.
The melodies fill my mind with delighted arms to ease the body to rest as my mind blanketed in rhythm fades into dream...
If I could live a day again,

I would live to love and no friend would be lost
I would work to wonder and no story would be unwanted
I would Inspire to Imagine and no creativity would be Isolated

Work harder, Aspire higher and eternal belief in love and my family