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Mystical Prince's Poetry
« on: April 07, 2013, 02:45:57 am »
OOC: I will add more later but here are some:

   The White Spirit
No person can tame me,
No voice can control me,
No prison can hold me,
I am the light of day and night,
I am a friend to everyone;
No animal or human, does not know me,
No river or stream fails to speak my name,
I am the foam of the sea,
The voice of the wind,
The father to all children,
No child has forsaken me,
No woman has forgotten me,
No one has ever captured me,
I am so gentle that nothing fears me,
I am so pure that none speak ill of me,
I am illusive,
I am secretive and shy,
I am the Last Unicorn.

The Lone Ship                           
Upon storm-tossed seas,                   
A lone ship battles to survive,
The furious forces of nature,
Badly bent on burying this struggling ship,
Into the seaís terrible and tragic tomb,
Wrathful waves batter brutally against the drowning deck,
While wild, wicked winds wrenches at the shipís single sail,
Rebellious ropes resist the savage storm,
Terrifying thunder rumbles in the clouds,
Lighting lashes from the sky,
Raging reefs ravage the sea,
Bashing at the lone and struggling ship,
While starving sharks circle,
Waiting patiently to feed.

The Sacrifce
A lone quill scratches quietly in the ominous silence of the night,
Upon a study, pearl column a crimson flame flickers nervously with each chime,
The frightened flutter of parchment makes the sleeping spiders in their magical webs take flight,
A shaky hand scribbles furiously on a single piece of parchment knowing that there is little time,
Silvery moonlight pierces through the cracks in the weary ceiling of a lonely cell,
The gentle tap of water splashing on parchment can be heard in the deathly silence,
With a sigh the hand wraps around the parchment and crutches it tightly,
The doors to the cell open and furious cries roar through the opening,
Cruel and strong hands seize his arms and shoulders dragging him out into the light
Forced to his knees the man clasps the parchment till the last,
The sinister sound of a steel blade being sharpened and with the fall of an ax,
The parchment falls from his hands onto the cold, stone floor,
The cold wet blood flows across the floor,
As a manís final act saves anotherís life.

Snow descends from the heavens
Like the leaves of a hundred eternal trees,
As in fall when the trees shed their leaves,
Wrapping the world in a warm and comforting fire
So too do the trees of heaven shed their leaves,
Wrapping the sleeping child in clouds of love,
The peaceful sound of a river or stream is gone,
As the world sleeps within a world of sliver glass.

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Re: Mystical Prince's Poetry
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THats pretty cool.
I like how the first one moves in feeling from something strong and slightly scary and then it sooths into something gentle and loving.

I like the second one how you use accrinims such as 'rebellious ropes', 'raging reefs'.  It really does give it flavour.  Ilike to how the calm tone at the end it actually an eerie ending for the crew.

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Re: Mystical Prince's Poetry
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Beautifully written, MysticalPrince!  :) They're all wonderful poems. 'The Sacrifice' is especially good! It flows beautifully when read, and the vivid depiction of the scenario being described is quite frankly amazing!
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