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Northern lights
« on: July 12, 2013, 08:34:34 am »
Glazed gazing sights into the unclear of the abyss with world turning around me and the time that ticks moves through me.  Life transparent to my fingers that cannot feel the ticking beats go through my weary hands.
I stay to nightfall frosts from the sun and hide away into the thickest black all things that ought not be seen.  Even the dark skies of midnight dull to the grey shady sombre of mundane cruelty.  Unclear without the details, and meaning lost from the faded colours of my heart.

In a glimpse, eyes awaken to the touching dancing of the binding lights.  Sky filled wonders of unstructured rainbows weaving through fabrics of none entities.  Waterfall springs water dash to my colour bright eyes to remember the tinkled calling when you said my name, I awaken to your purity in this vulnerable serenity.  Heart reaches back to contribute in dazzling conjecture and my hand rekindle the coloured flame of my skin, alive and sweeping radiance; I answer with my heart through my eyes and infuse the bursting supply within me, my own rainbow I reach into your open binds of sky in dye.

The fires inside relight my life anew
Through the lights and shades I saw in you... <3