Author Topic: Helperdruid's Poem of Misunderstood Love(Comments and Critiques please ^_^)  (Read 2641 times)

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I saw you only once
and I became completely dumb.
With your beauty and kindness
I go completely numb.

You were like the only one...
The joy for my eyes...
Sometimes I wish I was gone
from your seductive pretty sight.

But you don't see me
I'm invisible for you.
You don't see me
while I really want to...

You're like me,
I'm like you,
You like metal and rock,
I like that music TOO!

I feel like I'm in heaven
when you're in my sight.
You're like 12 minus 11...
The only one(but why?).

I feel so isolated...
It's lonely in the dark.
I feel so hated
Like something is about to bite me..but it only barks...

Then i decided you not to know
Let's just be friends...
I really have to go...(find my way)
I've made so many attempts...
I've tried to be your friend...
But all I wanted was you to understand...
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Wow, you did really good job! I really love the technique you wrote this poem ^_^ .
Its brings such emotions.  :goldwink:

Well done
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