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The Sea
« on: November 17, 2010, 09:38:57 pm »
A burden starts as a puddle.

Something small.


But, as we begin to to drown our thoughts in the puddle, it grows.

It becomes a pond of mystery,

a precursor to the inevitable.

The shore of our lives quickly succumbs to the sea,

its insatiable storm anunnciating the power that the sea has shackled us with.

Never...can we turn from the sea.

There is no going back.

We gave up everything for this idea.

No longer do friends, family, or even hope exist.

The only breath that is drawn, is that of the sea.

And as the tide begins to consume the shore of our lives,

we listlessly accept the sea.

We become satisfied by the chains that constrict our every being.

There is no room for thought...there is only the sea.
"Every world has an end. just have to look beyond reality."

"The world is my tide, but I am the ocean."

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