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« on: January 13, 2010, 11:26:34 pm »
Though my slumbers give me rest,
she never lets me escape.
My dreams lie petrified,
bound by bright iron,
shackle key lies in her tight grip.
In my night-time wanderings I tread
as though in a viscous mud.
Incarcerated are my legs
     - my freedom -
to the knee in the mire.

But does this slave wish to be freed?
This slave has shackles he himself has laid and locked,
though no key lies in sight.
Love of,
Admiration of,
Adoration of,
      - Beauty -
Wavy raven locks,
Angelic visage,
Ocean trench eyes.
      - large -
      - deep -
      - black as Tartarus -
Might keep this thrall in servitude eternal.

So... A bit of explanation might be necessary for this one: I, for the past few months, have had recurring dreams where I chase this girl. Literally chase, I mean. I am running or otherwise in pursuit the entire time after I spot her. In the halls of my school is where this normally occurs, but it can vary. I once dreamt that I stole a motorcycle to chase her after my car broke down on the side of the freeway (she drove by when I was on my way for some water for the radiator). Another time, I ran through several apartment buildings, causing considerable chaos along the way for their unfortunate inhabitants (I broke a staircase, hehe). Anyway, its getting a bit weird and repetitive. So I made a poem about it.

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