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« on: May 13, 2012, 10:53:26 pm »
All have seeked it
But none have found it.
All have died for it
Yet none have seen it.

We speak as if it is common
Yet we do not know it.
Some say they have heard it
Others say they have seen it.

Yet i find it hard to beleive
The lies about it.
Yet i feel compelled
To seek it

I know if i seek it,
It would bring more lies
About it and the search
Would be in vain.

For to find something,
That does not exist
Is a fools errand,
One that i will not assist.

Some say they have seen it,
Others say they have heard it.
Yet i find it hard to beleive lies.
For finding it
Only leads to pain.

Maybe we search for it,
To find peace
Maybe we search for it,
To find answers.

But i find it hard to beleive liers.
For the search for it
Is a fools errand.
For you cannot find that which does not exist.

For the search of truth will never be completed.
"Journey for you may never know where the road takes you."-Wanderer

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