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When am I?
« on: June 09, 2013, 07:32:43 pm »
This is more of expressive writing than rhyming poetry but here it goes. Feel free to comment and I know I'm terrible at this. :D

      For me, it's not a question of who, but what.
what am I around family, friends, strangers.
everyone is unique.
So are my reactions to them.
With some I am secretive, reserved to even more.
Some say that an a intellectual can be more of a bore.
I am not a When as much as a Why.
Why do I act that way around friends?
What is the difference?
If one is one way and the other another
then what is the difference keeping them from being together?
If I am a why and you are a when,
then why are we different?
what's the difference then?
Being a why more than a then,
How are we different?
How could we try?
If they are the same,
Both in equal matter,
What would  be new?
Would it be better?
If I was old and you were new,
how could you know the stories told to you?
But if I was less old and more of the new,
Then I'd know the wonders
of the live I've been through.
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