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the polling booth / Re: To arm, or not to arm, teachers?
« Last post by Firelight on Today at 06:53:20 pm »
What should be done is not only run backgrounds on people who buy guns but also make sure there's no mental illness in their familys.
general non-furry discussion / Re: The "Bad News" thread.
« Last post by Firelight on Today at 06:50:35 pm »
Eevee injured her "pinkie" toe.
Reflecting on the fact that it'll be one year since Nacho was put to sleep.
general non-furry discussion / Re: The "Good News" thread.
« Last post by Firelight on Today at 06:47:51 pm »
Eevee's toe injury isn't serious  :)
general non-furry discussion / Re: Robots, will one take your job?
« Last post by Firelight on Today at 06:46:19 pm »
I work at a cat boarding place. You can't cuddle kitties with a robot  :D
President Trump continues to support Russia's Putin even by
congratulating him for winning an election rigged by him and
his supporters.

Trump wants us to believe he has nothing to do with Russia,
yet he supports Putin at every turn. This action by Trump
just adds to the suspicion that Trump owes Putin something,
or is he afraid Putin will reveal something illegal he is
guilty of. Of course it may only be Trump is hoping if he
helps Putin he will let him do business in Russia after he
leaves office. If this is Trumps plan I think he is fooling him
self. Putin like Trump only thinks of himself and no one else.

Even the GOP are saying Trump shouldn't have congratulated
Putin over a rigged election. Putins actions of attacking people
in England makes Putin a criminal, and Trump shouldn't be
cozying up to him.

I wonder how many women will have to sue Trump before the
truth is known. Trump has spent most of his adult life buying his
way out of trouble. Being president may put a stop to it. Breaking
federal laws as president isn't the same as dealing with law suits.

You can find out more at the following links.
general non-furry discussion / Re: Robots, will one take your job?
« Last post by Jade Sinapu on Today at 09:42:09 am »
Well put my friend!
Does cybernetics fall into AI, or since the organic being is connected to the machine, it's just an enhanced version of ourselves?
That is something many could benefit from, like those who have severed spinal cords, give them function back. Maybe that form of AI keeps jobs!
general non-furry discussion / Re: Robots, will one take your job?
« Last post by Old Rabbit on Today at 08:53:03 am »
Robots won't bring about a Utopia. Hopefully they will help us
all have a better life in the end. We will still have to deal with
people who will try to use AI and robots to take advantage of

The trouble with the concept of good and evil is it varies with
each one of us. So it would be impossible to program AI for
good over evil. About all we could do would be to have some
algorithm that follows a list of rules that the majority agrees

This varying idea of good and evil prevents any possibility of
a Utopia. And yes I agree even if a Utopia were possible it
would be vary boring for most if not all people. Our mind
needs a challenge to prevent boredom. Even our animal
friends need activity or they become bored.

Well as you can guess I had so much bread left over that I'm still working through it. So again, no bread making over the weekend.

I've been making home made bread for five months. For the most part of those five months I've been making the very same recipe. Sure I can change up the flavor by making a bigga or poolsh starter. But it's still the same variations on one theme. Well it happened. Over the weekend, wile enjoying french toast made with home made bread, I came to the conclusion, " I need a change". After five months of eating the same bread?  OK, so I'm not a picky eater.  :D This coming weekend I'll be trying a few different recipes. Still all white bread. Because it's the everyday bread I enjoy the most. I'll be using my RAT technique. Because it works. And it's also very easy on the body. If you remember my opening post I talked about having damage to my right wrist. Kneading three batches of dough can get rough fast. So making it easier on myself, and in this case, others as well is a good thing. Did a google search "white bread recipe". Got 2,190,000 results. Looks like i have a few to choose from.  :D Figure if I get a recipe out of one of the books I have I wont be able to share it with you. Recipe = art. Sharing art = art theft. I'm an artist and I'm not going down that hole. So I'll choose a few and share their links. I know flavor and taste are subjective. But what I can do is let you know if the recipe is well portioned and makes a good loaf.  Looking forward to sharing my choices and experience this weekend!
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