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word games / Re: Quotes...
« Last post by Kobuk on Today at 06:57:15 pm »
The strength of the Constitution, lies in the will of the people to defend it.
It's sad but we can't believe anything the Trump administration was to 
claim. They change their stories from hour to hour and day to day. They
want to hide everything. They won't let anyone see how they a re treating
the kids they separated from their paraents. Even the first lady supported
the president more than the children. She even wore a coat that said I
done care do you on the back. Trump tried to lie and say it was speaking to
the news media.

They won't allow any media or congressmen to see the kids,
instead they want us to believe the videos they give to us.
Videos that are obviously designed to show the public that
everything is fine and that the kids are happy. You can be
sure Trump was really upset (likely screaming like a 3
year old) when the audio of kids crying for their parents
was released. I actually heard Trump whining like a child
being told NO.during one of his speeches.

Not all of those told to take the kids wanted to do it, but if they didn't it would
mean they would be fired, and if they talked they could be prosecuted. Why?
Trump claims it's all about national security. It's more about Trumps security
than that of our country.

Now they are claiming they are returning kids to their parents in the hundreds,
but there isn't any real evidence to really prove it. It's likely just another lie.
The Trump administration is now trying to change a court ruling so they can put
kids under unlicensed unlimited care.

The Trump administration is spending 10's of millions trying to stop immigration
when they could be working to the cause instead. When we return dangerous
 criminals to a third world corrupt country it just makes the problem worse.

You can find out more at the following links.

furry greetings / Re: Happy Birthday.
« Last post by Old Rabbit on Today at 08:05:39 am »
Happy Birthday to you cakith. One of our members of over 10 years.

I hope you have a fine day.

"Tosses you a whole bag of chocolate chip cookies and a
big cupcake with a candle on it."

Old Rabbit :orbunny:
poetry corner / Re: Walking in front of me
« Last post by Jade Sinapu on June 21, 2018, 10:09:32 am »
I'm glad you liked it Iara!  Some tounge-in-cheek humor, albeit not the best.  But I had fun.
Maybe the next one will be more serious.  :D

I really want to write something like a section of Reynard the Fox in the traditional verse style and vocabulary and keep to the tradition.   If would be fun.   But I would want to do well so that I could do it justice.

Probably I will just write about something contemporary that I know.

Also on another note, I know my style is not sophisticated, and my intention is for fun only.  I do not mean to detract from the seriousness and quality style of others who post here. 
news forum / Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Last post by Old Rabbit on June 21, 2018, 08:43:56 am »
Oh now the GOP stands up for the kids. The crocodile tears are flowing
fast after Trump signed to stop the seperation of kids from their
parents.  A week earlier they had nothing to say.

President Trump all but swore he couldn't stop the family seperation,
then suddently he was able to do it.  Typical of this president to lies
every time he opens his mouth.

The Trump  administration is requiring military lawyers to act as
prosecutors to help convict immigrants.  None to defend them.
 Judges are  dragging 4 year olds into court. Even to say they are
smart enough to understand their rights  under our law. Such
judges should be impeached. and disbarred permanently.

Even though Trump signed an order to stop the separation of families, he
isn't ordering the reunification of the thousands of kids who have already
been separated from their parents. So they are still being held by the
Trump administration. Kids from babies and older. Leaving them to cry for
their parents who they may never see again. They may end end up in foster
care subject to who knows what kind of treatment. Foster care isn't always
a safe place for children.  Especially kids who may be mentally upset or
disturbed due to Trumps ordered  mistreatment. 

In reality the Trump administration is guilty of child abuse and child theft
if done by any individual or a care center would be prosecuted and tossed in

Trumps excuse? National security. Yes these kids are considered a danger to
our security.  The same clarion call that every generation wants to use against
Oh and to those who think Trump is looking out for Americans. He hires
foreign workers to  work in his hotels and resorts. Over 99% of them.

You can find out more at the following links.

traditional and digital artwork / Re: Holt5's Artwork
« Last post by Iara Warriorfeather on June 20, 2018, 10:13:10 pm »
That pensive gecko is awesome...thanks for sharing!  :D
traditional and digital artwork / Re: Iara's Artwork
« Last post by Iara Warriorfeather on June 20, 2018, 10:12:37 pm »
My new badge! Made with Copic markers on watercolor paper--I am really enjoying these markers!
poetry corner / Re: Walking in front of me
« Last post by Iara Warriorfeather on June 20, 2018, 10:08:23 pm »

So cute! I like your verse very much! Bravo!  :D
general non-furry discussion / Re: What really "grinds your gears"?
« Last post by Varg the wanderer on June 20, 2018, 07:09:37 pm »
Weird fastener sizes. 23mm? Really? Really?! You have to search to find a wrench for that, let alone a wrench that will actually reach where you need it too.

*grumbles something about channel locks and shade-tree maintenance*
news forum / Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Last post by Old Rabbit on June 20, 2018, 12:44:21 pm »
I heard about Trumps space force branch of the military. We already
have military satellites in orbit.  What I fear is this might trigger a
race to weaponize near space. Russia and China, and others
could decide to put nukes on orbital platforms which could trigger a
war at the slightest mistake or misunderstanding. Leave it to  Trump
to add to our troubles with his over sized ego. Trump never seems to 
consider the future, just at the moment. 

Trump used the word infestation when talking about immigrants from
Latin America. A word that refers to  cockroaches and other vermin.
Granted there are criminals in Latin America, but very few of them
have kids in tow. Kids require too much attention for most criminals 
to fool with. These people are humans not insects or animals.

As I said yesterday Trump finally felt the pressure to stop this separation of
family's. Now he is saying he couldn't let this happen anymore. Just as if
he just heard about it. So he will want to be the hero. Even though he
started the whole mess in the first place. He changed back to more like it
was under Obama. Time will tell how it comes out.

I have a hunch Trump got chewed out by his wife. No counting  GOP
members scared of loosing power.

The Trump administration is still trying to hide this even
though they were trying to say it was because of the law.

You can find out more at the following links.

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