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President Trump backs out of the meeting with the N Korean leader on June 12.
One wonders if it was because of the N Koreans bad mouthing the vice president
or not. Many have said Trump shouldn't have accepted having a meeting in the
first place. There should have been much negotiation prior to any meeting with
Trump and the N Korean leader. I think Trump was looking for a win, but relied
it could end up making him look like a looser. So by canceling the meeting  he
feels it will make him look stronger. With Trump it's all about how others see him.

Will China put more pressure on N Korea? Hard to say. Trump is likely to blame
China for this. We know Trump never accepts responsibility for anything that
goes wrong. Trump should learn he can't treat strong man leaders like he does
his GOP lackies. Threats by Trump to use Nuclear weapons is stupid and dumb.
The N Korean leader is fully aware of our power. 

I heard one man running for congress as a republican say. It's Trumps
unpredictability that makes him a good leader. Well unpredicability can start
wars too. Many wars have been started because misunderstandings and fear
of attack. Other countries  should have a clear understanding of our intentions,
not having to guess.

Congress continues it's protection for Trump. They are meeting with the Justiist
department trying to get information about the spcial counsels investigation. We
can be sure anything they find out will go streight to the White House. This totally inapropreiate as investigations need to be kept secret to keep involved parties
 from covering up and destroying  any and all evidence.

Trump is calling the investigation Spy Gate. Actually this isn't a bad name as
Russian spys were involved in their attack on the 2016 presidential election.
It is likely the Russians did help Trump get the job. Trump doesn't seem to
understand it was the FBI who were trying to protect him from the Russians.
To inform Trump the Russians were trying to help him. As it turns out Trump
was likely glad to have the Russians help. He called for them to hack H Clintons
email during his campign.

This isn't the first time Russia has tried to interfere  in our presidential elections.
They tried to get Stevenson to run again in 1960, and others over the years. 
Trump is possibly the first man to accept their help. Perhaps this why Trump
has bent over backwards trying to help Russia.

You can find out more at the following links.

furry greetings / Re: Where's my chair at? (old member return)
« Last post by Kay Alett on Today at 07:41:51 am »
*Awkwardly sniffs Kay's ear*

Oh! I remember you! You used to be Kaloyan, no?

Welcome back!

And, uh, sorry I'm late.  :-[
Yup that was me.  :D
I've spent the interim years doing some self study and soul searching. I found that I identified more as female than male (which shouldn't have surprised me since I play a woman in every game I play gives me the option and 90% of my OCs are women or non-binary females.)

So yes, I go by Kay now. Not a huge stretch in the name but it seemed fitting since Kaloyan was the name I had gone by most frequently.
Nice to see you again Varg.
news forum / Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Last post by Old Rabbit on May 23, 2018, 09:43:19 am »
President Trump continues to use one gang "MS13" as an excuse
 to keep people from coming into our country. Yes the habits
of this gamg are very bad, but it's a few people that don't
represent the vast majority of immigrants.

I doubt if a muggle  like Trump would know if he saw a witch.  I know
it's just a metaphor, but I bet he will call the special counsel's report
fake and lies. He has tried to call the whole thing political even though
the special counsel is a republican and was started by the GOP. I don't
think the GOP leadership expected their special counsel to  protect Trump.
Now that he isn't they are against the man they bragged on at first. I
guess they think he is a bad republican.

Congress has voted to get rid of regulations that limit banks from taking
big risks like the did a dozen years ago. The risks that led to the recession
of 2006. Will the GOP ever learn that people are greedy, and need regulations
to keep them honest? I guess not as long as they can use the American
tax payer to cover their mistakes.

Ever notice that the very rich spend little time in jail or prison? It seems all
they need is money and high powered lawyers to get a way with breaking the
law. Even the jails they sometimes end up in are more like resorts than anything
else. I think this partly why government leaders want rich people in congress.
They know many rich people got rich by not following the law to the letter.
People like this will leave loopholes the rich can take advantage of. If regular
people started filling congress this would come to an end. It's unfortuant, but
many people think rich people are very smart. Trouble is many rich  people
got that way by being corrupt and by taking advantage of others. If you
doubt this just look at Unions and why they were started. No one party can
claim innocence, but the GOP ranks high on the list.

A African American woman will be running for governor in Georgia this fall. This
person isn't rich, and had to defer paying taxes to get life saving medical care
for her father. The GOP is already running her down because of this. They have
no shame. Here again they want a rich republican as Governor. Someone
who will support the needs of the rich over the public needs.
Trump is backing down on what he wants to accomplish with the N Korean meeting.
I imagine the N Korean leader didn't like Trumps bragging and backed up a bit to cool
Trump down. Trump wants a good meeting to help the GOP this fall. So he is playing
it down so he can come home bragging about his success no matter how small.

By the way the Harley Davidson motorcycle company closed a plant in Missouri. They
are opening a new plant in the far east. This plant takes 400 jobs from the US and moves them to the far east. The plant that closed cost 800 jobs. The company made a billion
dollars last year. Then a big tax break from the GOP. So they had little excuse to
move out of the country. We are not likely to hear much about it from the GOP or
Trump. A man who promised more jobs for the U.S.A. It's likely the GOP will loose
votes from those 800 workers this fall.

You can find out more at the following links.

general furry discussion / Re: Non-performance uses for Fursuits?
« Last post by Varg the wanderer on May 23, 2018, 04:14:24 am »
A gigantic floor mop for cleaning warehouses, hangers, and the like.
furry greetings / Re: Where's my chair at? (old member return)
« Last post by Varg the wanderer on May 23, 2018, 04:10:00 am »
*Awkwardly sniffs Kay's ear*

Oh! I remember you! You used to be Kaloyan, no?

Welcome back!

And, uh, sorry I'm late.  :-[
furry greetings / Re: 6 Sided Die says Hello!
« Last post by Varg the wanderer on May 23, 2018, 03:54:07 am »
Welcome to furtopia! Somewhere around here there's a badger who enjoys LARP a lot, too. (If my sieve of a mind remembers things right.)
furry greetings / Re: Hello! I'm Panda Jenn!
« Last post by Varg the wanderer on May 23, 2018, 03:51:27 am »






*falls off trampoline*
furry greetings / Re: Izar the Lion
« Last post by Varg the wanderer on May 23, 2018, 03:49:26 am »
Cripes am I late!

Welcome to furtopia!

I look forward to seeing you around the forums. :)
That's pretty neat!
I have not read much on the method you are using.  Do you have a link handy? Looks interesting.

Is the fan loud? 

Thanks for sharing!

furry lite™ / Re: Furry puns
« Last post by Michen_S on May 20, 2018, 09:46:37 am »
I wanted to make a feathersona, but then I'd just be winging it.
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