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Christmas decorating. Everyone comes over here for the holidays. Do my best to impress.
general non-furry discussion / Re: What really "grinds your gears"?
« Last post by Jade Sinapu on Today at 07:24:04 pm »
Getting junk email, again and again, even after unsubscribing.
foodie furs / Dollar Tree Food Finds
« Last post by Rocket T. Coyote on Today at 06:48:03 pm »
I seem to be spending more time in Dollar Tree stores lately. Was intrigued by the frozen steaks and pork chops. These are packaged in flexible plastic packaging. The pork chop is the larger of these two offerings. The steak is perhaps enough for a sandwich or to dice, a fajita, or a shish kabob. I pan fry these. The steak seasoned with Lawry's Seasoned Salt, and the chop with onion powder. These might be welcome entrees on a camping trip as they are frozen, already packaged, and could keep overnite in a cooler to be prepared the next day.
general non-furry discussion / Re: The "Bad News" thread.
« Last post by Rocket T. Coyote on Today at 06:31:23 pm »
My roofer cracked three ribs doing some routine work at his home.
I am content with my lot in life now. I wish to attend a big furcon, or even several. If a lottery ticket paid off handsomely, that could be a reality.

Anyway, my Mom says she's paying for the new key fob controller my car needed. My sister recently landed a new job after losing another several months ago. Gift cards are on the list for them both.

I extend to all of you a joyous holiday season. And may your Christmas wishes come true!
Being overtaken and passed on the road, only to catch up to the speed merchant at the next traffic light or convenience store/gas station.
general non-furry discussion / Re: Local weather
« Last post by Rocket T. Coyote on Today at 06:13:25 pm »
We've been experiencing some dense fog in the mornings and evenings these past few days. Daytime temps in the mid-30s, dropping below freezing at night. Last night, after dark, it was like driving under a blanket. Street lights wouldn't shine upward, it seemed.
We had a nice turnout at the cemetery in Michigan's Thumb region for Wreaths Across America today. The event is sponsored by veterans' groups. I took photos of the CAP color guard and other activities. A local TV news photographer rolled in just as things were wrapping up. He came directly to me as I was the only adult in uniform. Good thing too as I am the public affairs officer for the local CAP squadron. So I arranged to have the unit commander interviewed and to have a cadet re-enact a wreath-laying for the news story.
general non-furry discussion / Re: The "Bad News" thread.
« Last post by charcoal on Today at 04:19:26 pm »
My grandma found out I have tribal fox tattoo on my arm and she was steamed I don't blame her I normally Have it covered why do 16yr old sisters have to drag you into an argument over she wanted one for Christmas
general non-furry discussion / Re: What do you want for Christmas?
« Last post by cause the rat on Today at 12:16:38 pm »
A really Nice Windows computer. My mac has got to go.
Dewalt table saw.
A Focusright 4PRE audio interface.
Studio 1 DAW. Just send a complete home studio package. Mics, monitors and all. : )

And if I don't get any of that? Socks. Lots of socks. Because I wear steal toe'd boots at work. They are really hard on socks.
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