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For today's experiment I've chosen two recipes off line.

The first is a simple bread. A French plain white loaf.

I chose the second for a reason. To help bring and understanding of how to and or why there is a thing in bread called powdered milk. You can get whole milk, nonfat milk. buttermilk and even  coconut milk powders. Do you kneed to go out and buy one of these rather expensive powders? Nope. Not if you know how to substitute. First these powders are there to actually substitute for people who don't want to buy or have no real need to have the actual product. I hate buttermilk. It would go to waste in my box before I'd use it all. However I wanted to try a recipe that called for buttermilk. My solution? Buy the powder. It will last a very long time. I don't have to worry about using it all in a week. In this recipe they call for "Baker's special dry milk." How special.  :D All kidding aside. It's dried nonfat milk. All the hype behind it is the same benefits you would get if using actual nonfat or whole milk. So here's how you would substitute if you already have milk. The recipe calls for 2 cups of water and 1/2 cup 'special dry mix'. Now you could go "investigative shopping". That's where you go to a store's baking isle, pick up a package of nonfat dry milk mix, see how much it takes to make one cup of milk, put that package back down, and go home an informed shopper. That would be on any recipe but this one you can find on line. Their special powder is a bit more condensed. Looking at their stuff it only takes 1/4 of a cup of dry to make one cup of milk. So following this recipe I would need two cups of milk and no water. I'm going to use whole milk as well. This should be an awesome very rich tasting bread.

This is the perfect recipe to try my RAT technique on. By using nothing but whole milk I'm setting my self up for a world of hurt. Fats slow down the hydration rate of flour. This greatly effects the amount of time it takes to create gluten. Autolyse relies on hydration rate of flour to create gluten. My Reworked Autolyse Technique ( RAT ) does as well. The original Autolyse technique claimed using fats would counter act and fail this technique. My RAT technique proved him wrong. Now no one in the world would love my RAT technique to work in this all fat bread recipe more than me. Looking forward to this fight!

Second recipe,

And back on target, I've read reports on  external intelligence and it's effects on the brain. In some cases it was speculative using information compiled from different studies on memory and synapsis development. In others it was actual experiences from people in the study. One particular study centered around GPS. In some cases the person relying on GPS could not find their way to a place they have frequently been before without it. They exhibited no external environmental awareness. Had no memory of their surroundings wile traveling to their destination.  But this was a minority of those studied.

There is a balance point of intelligence when relying on external memory.  First. The greater amount of cognitive elasticity or how much and how quickly you can learn, the greater amount of external memory you can access successfully. Secondly and most effective. Pre synapsis and muscular memory development. Simplified, the more you already know the more external information you can use. When building simple shelving. A person who has successfully used a skill saw before will have a better chance of success than someone who hasn't. No matter how many videos or tutorials are watched and read.   

The biggest danger to synapsis development comes when a person relies completely on external intelligence. I will use myself as an example. I have an IQ of 140. I read at a collage level. I have the spelling ability of a 3rd grader. Yes. That is the actual level of my spelling ability. I am 55 years old. I have never grasped, comprehended or understood spelling. I use spellcheck like a fish drinks water.  :D It's become a crutch. I've learned many words simply by spelling them over and over again. However your reading a post from someone who can forget how to spell "who". The difference between my cognitive development is I didn't have the option of external intelligence. I had nothing to rely on except my brain. If spellcheck wasn't a thing? Yes I would fight harder to understand spelling. And I would think that by now I'd, at the very least, would have a 5th grade level of spelling. At the same time. As a kid I would listen to classical music. Memorize each individual instrument's part. Then 'play' the entire orchestration or just the parts I was interested, back in my head. I thought that was normal.

So yes, from reports I've read and using my own personal experience there is a danger in relying solely on external intelligence. Both cognitive elasticity and critical thinking are compromised. 
I can see the steam wafting out of the ears and nostrils now....  :D

It would make a pretty spooky floor lamp with the light coming out of its eyes.
No problem on the large post Jade. Just keep it on topic
and you can write a book. :D

Seems it's all about saving a buck these days. Your right Jade.
All neccary systems like water  sewer and power should have
back up and Emanuel over ride. I hate to think of sewer backups
and water loss, not counting power.

Due to having little eyesight I will have to depend on others. I fear
it will take a disaster to wake people up to the dangers we live
with and have created. I live in an area where gravity handles
water and sewer, but it wouldn't last long without power for the
local town.

100's of thousands of young people are in Washington DC today to let our
politicians know they are tired of  weak gun laws. Where is our president?
He is playing golf at his resort in Florida. Shows how much Trump cares
about it. He is more interested in how much money the NRA  will give him
for his 2020 re election  bid.

One wonders why congress left so fast after the budget vote Friday.
Could it be they didn't want to face questions from future voters?
Hopefully the young people will continue to work through the rest of the
year and beyond. I am sure the politicians feel it will fade after a few
months. Movements like this often do as it's hard to keep many people
interested enough to work for a tough goal.

I am hoping this movement grows. We need to get other
important changes made. Especially how we elect our politicians
The way it is it costs so much to run for the senate or the house of
representatives. Few people who really want to make our
government better can afford to run. Instead the rich and
powerful who have the money end up in our legislatures. To
even attempt to run people have to grub at the feet of those
with money to even have a chance to win. Doing so they have
to promise they won't pass laws that will cost them money.

Congress could change campaign finace laws, but they don't
want to make it easier for the average person to run for office.
They want to keep the government in the hands of the rich
and powerful. This way they can limit regulations and taxes
that would cost them and big business a lot of money.

It's this that has kept gun laws weak so the gun industry can
make billions in profits. This is just one of many things the rich
want to control at the expense of us all.

general non-furry discussion / Re: What really "grinds your gears"?
« Last post by Jade Sinapu on March 23, 2018, 10:37:56 pm »
Printer Ink!
Always buying ink .  The printer sits there spinning its wheels, priming the ink tanks prior to printing.  Why? I just printed!  Stop sucking ink out of the tank!
Even with ink refill kits, its costly when a lot of ink is just lost to priming!

I print a lot of graphics/photos, so I need a printer.  I am thinking of going tankless.. using hoses to a remote bulk tank... like the pros.

general non-furry discussion / Re: Have we become too dependant on electronics?
« Last post by Jade Sinapu on March 23, 2018, 08:34:15 pm »
Old Rabbit, you sure have hit it on the head!
This is a topic I fuss over a lot. 
I agree with you Old Rabbit, education is key.  Knowing what will happen will keep us from being surprised, and we will remain calm and civilized.


Its funny, I have worked in water treatment, father worked in sewer treatment.  Went to college with a prof. who worked for a power grid and talked about EMP/solar flares.  Brother is a prepper.  I am  HAM radio op.  So EMP comes up from time to time in our family discussions  :-[

I do not want to alarm anyone...   :o
here is what I have learned about hacking the grid and EMP.
hacking the grid is too easy.  or at least it has been in the past.  Wauwei brand routers were used in some grid systems, and later found to have back-doors engineered into them by the Chinese company who made them.  Our power grid is on its own internet, but has links to the normal internet.  It can be hacked...

It is rumored that America and allies wrote code called Stuxnet that was put into the Iranian nuclear plant to cause its motors  to speed up and down at random to fatigue the impeller blades on the centrifuges.   It caused it to blow up.  McAfee found it in OUR homeland WWW networks later and uncovered the plot!

You can engage and disengage a contactor to put a generator on line and off line in rapid succession, and cause it to JERK like a bomb went off.  Its called losing sync.  Its disastrous.  (there is a video somewhere of this...)

In college, I and a few other students, with supervision, put a small hydro generator on the grid.  It was nerve racking.  Do it wrong, and the generator made in 1918 breaks off its mounts and leaps into the air!  You change the speed of the generator by adjusting water flow until its at almost the same speed as the grid.  Then when the three light bulbs are all out, the phase is right, and you can throw the switch and lock-sync it to the grid.

In America, hydro plants are all owned by the US government, or at least controlled by them (Western Area Power Administration?  Another job interview… ).  And for good reason.  for black start capability.  if the grid is down, neuc plants are immediately put into shutdown.  They have to have power to start up, and need constant power for cooling pumps or else Fukishima.  coal plants similar story.  only plants able to come up from nothing are hydro.  Hydro plants get power on the grid, and that power gets others on line.  Syncronization is a challenge.  you can not just put a generator on grid.  its not that easy.

Most if not all grid tie solar will also STOP when there is no power on the grid.  This is multifold.  It is to protect the grid, and the workers repairing it.  Power outage happens, electrical workers isolate the line from the active grid, fix it and then put it back on line.  But if your solar inverter turns on, it kills many innocent people on the line during the repair.  The inverters are therefore not allowed to work without a grid voltage present.  Also, imagine 100,000 solar inverters trying to synchronize to the grid in the case the grid is down.  This is not possible.  They will all fight.  There has to be a master “clock” and that is the power grid its self.  So don’t think that your solar system will work, unless you have grid isolation and power storage.  Sorry.

Many people do not realize that the generators, transformers and such in the grid are often custom made by hand to order, with lead times of 4+ months!  we are not talking get it at Home Depot.  we are talking about transformers that handle 38KV and 550Mega Watts and transform it to 330KV for transmission.  Such transformers when they blow are catastrophic and take out other things in the area. 

I remember being at a coal fired 850MW power plant for a job interview, and everything there is run at the edge of failure.  (Read extreme environments).  Anything out of tolerance can cause big trouble.  There were 3 generators, 2 operational, 1 in maintenance mode.  If one were to blow, all is lost.  People die!

An EMP will as you know induce DC currents into the grid, like a solar flare can do. Similar mechanisim.  This DC current is not normal on the AC power grid.  It causes transformers to "saturate" and they lose their ability to do their job.  They heat up and boil the oil and blow up.  Protection circuits also kick in and drop systems from the grid.

The currents made by EMP can also blow electronics of any kind.  Radios that are connected to leads, power leads, RF cables, anything at all, are susceptible.  Only equipment sealed into metal cases with no holes are going to survive.  This would be like a back up HAM radio.  no computers, sorry no cell phones folks!  one reason to get your ham license.  (and if you do, please get a license and study and follow the rules)

And above ground neuc detonations cause issues for Ham radio too, but they can operate without a framework in place.

power lets you get gas (petrol)  into the vehicle.  electricity lets hospitals run and traffic lights work.  lets police talk to each other.  Power is used for everything.  power is out for long enough, you really think you are getting out of town?  Nope.  All the panicked people are doing the same thing.  This has happened before I bet. 

I bet airports will also not work!   x_x

gas pumps dead, traffic lights out, multiple accidents, no police support, anarchy.  it could happen.  tensions build, people get hurt.  I see it coming.
I honestly believe that if an EMP hits above a large city, its going to be catastrophic, not at first, but in hours to days.

Here it is...
while at my local water company for a job interview, I learned how it works.  water quality is controlled by the computers.  Chlorination, fluoridation, UV dis-infection, sand/coal bed cycling, water pups, water tanks, all controlled by a central computer.  There is no backup at the site I was at!  its extremely massive and complex.  Using old parts that are hard to find.  If they get hit by EMP, that water plant would be at ground zero, and have to rebuild the system from scratch!  It would take months, or longer.  In that time , water could stagnate in the pipes, get algae growths, clog valves, run dry in some neighbor hoods.  Water pressure would be variable, and maybe have siphons in some areas if pressure and valves are not operated right.  it would cause a big headache.

Just because water systems "work by gravity" doesn't solve it.  actually nowadays, many water systems rely on pumps.  only some areas will have water by gravity alone!  in the city i was talking about, 2 subdivisions used pumped water.  the old part of town was gravity fed.  think about that!

And for sewage treatment.  I actually studied for my D license last year.  I learned that its basically the same thing as water treatment.  Thankfully sewage treatment works mostly by gravity.  But again there are "lift" stations that need pumps.  there is chlorination, process pumps, etc...  And if the sewer lines back up, they can come into your house destroying it.  And hydrogen sulfide gas is generated by stagnant sewage and is explosive. So is methane.  It needs to flow or it’s a big problem.

my dad recalls stories of no power at the poop plant..  He was running around like a mad man, turning hand valves, using portable generators to power pumps.  he was a pro with decades of experience. Now, when he retired all the valves were replaced with electric-operated-only models.  previously, they were electric with manual override.  which do you think is a good choice?  His manager thought there was no need for manual override!  Bad idea.  And the new employees only knew how to use the computer to make the system work.  Bad idea!

There is no backup generator that can do the job bringing up a large town or city.  we will all be on our own.

you can do nothing adequate to protect circuits from EMP unless you use special designs, special parts, and take special precautions.  its the Achilles heel of all electronics. its super costly and only military has it.

Hopefully it never comes.  But if it does, few will be ready.  And those who are ready, will stick out like a sore thumb because they are okay.  And they will be targeted by scared neighbors. 


The only thing we can all do is to agree to not panic and to have a fall back plan.  We will need to work together or die together.  Our culture has a lot to say about this.  we need to be a family and look past differences and love each other like never before.

Again, think Fukishima.  The Japanese seemed to be okay because they worked together.

Humanity worked and lived without power.  We can do it again.  We just need to remember how.  We need to remain civilized.

Maybe as furs, perhaps we all can think more animal like when needed, and will be more ready to adapt?  We are also more friendly and accepting which should go a long way towards cooperation in a survival situation.  Animals do not need electricity.  Just water food shelter and love. 
(And part of my furriness is my independent "wolf" spirit that makes me be ready and prepared.  I often think "what would an animal do"?)

I like to think we furs will be more ready than others!

What do YOU think?  Are you ready?  Will being furry change how you react or prepare?
What scenario do you think will play out in your local area?
Will you be willing and able to help others?

<<ADMINS...If this is too long, please tell me and I will refrain from doing so in the future.>>
Thanks Old Rabbit for the thought provoking post!
 :) (:
the polling booth / Re: Pineapple on pizza
« Last post by Jade Sinapu on March 23, 2018, 06:58:36 pm »
I love pineapple raw, and that's it!
People who like pineapple on pizza are a different breed.  My mom digs it, I loathe it.
Just glad some love it that way.  Not for me thanks!

general furry discussion / Re: Non-performance uses for Fursuits?
« Last post by Jade Sinapu on March 23, 2018, 06:56:32 pm »
OH!  I have it!   (its catching too, so be careful  :o )

Use the head as a Tea Cozy!   BAM!  (please don't tell me someone thought of this already, I will probably exile myself)
Keep your tea pot hot for longer using the insulation properties of the head!

So stylish!
I can see it now, a line of designer tea cozies made in the style of popular characters! 
"Get yours now for only $1350 USD, less sipping and handling."  so affordable, you can own 2!
general furry discussion / Re: Non-performance uses for Fursuits?
« Last post by Michen_S on March 23, 2018, 03:51:42 pm »
Use it as a rug/carpet!

Do not walk over it with shoes or dirty socks on.
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