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From what I see, there are more fursuiters with toony suits than with realistic suits. However, the kind of suit does not automatically determine the amount of attention you'll get as a fursuiter from other furries. That depends more on how you act.

Though it does affect how much attention you'll get from children and people who never heard of furries before. They seem to like the toony suits a bit better.

As for what suits fits better in what situation... Just go with your preference. That'll fit the most with you!
general furry discussion / Re: Non-performance uses for Fursuits?
« Last post by Michen_S on Today at 01:03:17 pm »
Use the head as a mount animal for your wall.
furry lite™ / Re: Fursuit Pickup Lines
« Last post by Michen_S on Today at 01:00:13 pm »
Well, don't you look like a beast!
word games / Re: How will the person above you die?
« Last post by Michen_S on Today at 12:57:49 pm »
Black hoooooooooole!
word games / Re: What are you listening to right now?
« Last post by Michen_S on Today at 12:56:29 pm »
Celtic music made by Adrian von Ziegler. Who knew Celtic music was this good?
news forum / Re: Bats killed for their blood
« Last post by Michen_S on Today at 12:54:14 pm »
Uh, I think this could be a problem, guys!

I... That's all I had.
the polling booth / Re: Extra Sensory Perception?
« Last post by Michen_S on Today at 12:38:01 pm »
Yes, I do believe it is a real thing, and it does exist in my fantasy world. However, there's a catch to it.

Let's start with the real world. Yes, I do think ESP is a real thing. However, ESP work in ways way more chaotic than any other sense. There are a lot of people who don't even experience any sort of ESP whatsoever. I could probably explain part of how ESP works? Then again, I would need to refer to my spirituality for that and I don't want to go in that territory foor this topic. Let's just say ESP as a whole is just a mess.

As for my fantasy world, it's not much better. ESP still has limits and most people are not able to use ESP. However, if someone has an ESP ability, how well their ESP works is simplified immensely. It all hangs together with how the world works spiritually, because I had to simplify both that and ESP a lot to incorporate it easily in my world in the first place. Despite that, it's still a chaotic ability. I suppose that's how it was meant to be, anyways.

As for me, I and all characters I have so far can't use ESP at will. A game with guessing the colour someone else focuses on would probably render my correct answers to be random guesses.
President Trump and the GOP want to take good health insurance
away from some 23 million people. Trump and the GOP claim they
want to create a new plan that would be cheaper. This is a lie
as they have spent the last 8 years trying to get rid of the ACA.
The only plan they have is to help the insurance companies make
billions providing lousy coverage for those who can't afford their
high priced plans. .

President Trump is worried along with his lawyers. They know
the democrats will do investigations the GOP blocked over the
last two years. Trump and his people just detract and lie day in
and day out. If Trump was so innocent he should quit lieing,
throw his smart phone away and shut up. As long as they keep
trying to cover everything up they look guilty, and more guilty.

Trump might make a good president if he stopped lieing and realized
he isn't that smart, and reach out to those who are.. He is a good
salesman, but nothing much else. He even cheats at golf.

I think the GOP has become a danger to the security of the country.
The leaders of the party are nothing but money grubbing power
hungry people. They are working hard to keep the power they have,
even to change laws when they loose elections, to help them win the
next one.

It's time the American people let the GOP know they will loos power
with their dirty tricks and lies. The democrats are far from being
perfect, but at least they try to be honest, even when it costs them

You can find out more at the following links.

general non-furry discussion / Re: What really "grinds your gears"?
« Last post by Varg the wanderer on December 16, 2018, 10:11:35 pm »
TV commercials that feature a door bell JUST LIKE MINE!
It makes me and the dog get up and start barking at the door.

Or a knock on the door sound, or a phone ringing.  It sounds so real , it fools either or both of us.
I get up from what I was doing to see who it was , and then realize its the TV I left on, in the other room.

It sounds like you need to change your door bell. ;)

People that don't put their trash away when using the lab computers.
general non-furry discussion / Re: All dogs go to heaven, 1 or 2
« Last post by charcoal on December 16, 2018, 04:34:50 pm »
I've only seem the first one and I thought it was a good Movie
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