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Built a crude 1-axis fluxgate magnetometer coil...It can easily see the earths static magnetic field.
Now to make 2 more and put them 90 degrees to each other so I can make a 3D vector.
Why?  To see if I could.
word games / Re: Disused Names
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word games / Re: The last thing you bought.
« Last post by Rocket T. Coyote on Today at 02:39:16 pm »
I removed the importer mark from my guns and redo the finish on them. I just picked up a Yugoslavia M-59/66A1 SKS with grenade-launcher...

Those lack any chrome-plated plated bore or gas piston. So either avoid corrosive surplus ammo or clean thoroughly if you do. Some parts do not interchange with standard SKS rifles. And only use blanks to launch any rifle grenades. Sometimes rubber practice types can be found from milsurp vendors.

A small coke at the BK.
general non-furry discussion / Re: What really "grinds your gears"?
« Last post by Rocco on Today at 02:26:02 pm »
This barracks. Always hot in the summer, cold in the winter, and hot water has been out for almost a week
Listened for gunfire and watched scrawny venison samples from a drafty dilapitated shelter.
general non-furry discussion / Re: Local weather
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Partly cloudy with temps in the mid to upper 30s.
Friday afternoon I drove out to the clinic to have a blood sample drawn. The phelbotomist had gone home 5 minutes before my arrival and that office would be open for another hour and forty minutes.
general furry discussion / Re: Furries on CNN?!
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Looking forward to seeing this. Big discussion on line about it.
word games / Re: The last thing you bought.
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I'll be doing a lot of cooking this week so lot's of food items. Going to be making a large French apple tart, a few home made pies, bread and hopefully this year my cinnamon buns wont be the disaster buns they were last year.  Christmas gifts. And I'll be picking up a kerosene heater for my work shop. So I'll be able to continue woking through the cold weather.
the polling booth / Re: Mobile or Desktop?
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I would choose a desk top. Especially if your going to have sensitive data on it. Like financial reports and banking. I have a smart phone but it's not connected to the net. I use if for it's phone, clock and google maps.

Despite being highly advanced there is still no such things as computers. Or even the need of such things on Tapon Ru.
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