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meet the mods & staff / Re: [Loc] Kimba the Malamute
« Last post by Loc on Today at 04:39:56 am »

We are now two weeks in.

Kimba is settled inside the house and garden. She sleeps through the night, and is willing to wait for her morning walk until nearly 8am. She has started actually going on morning walks now - she still refuses her evening walk.

With some help from the behavioural therapist on Friday, we are training her to deal with cars. She will walk onto and across the back seats, sit in the footwell for a short time, and jump into the boot. We haven't started closing doors, securing her into the car, or moving yet. The therapist is back this Friday to start working on lead walking, so we can take her out on proper long walks.

She still has separation anxiety - When Weisse went to work this morning, she cried for half an hour. I went to a barbacue yesterday afternoon and she cried for about the same. This is still an improvement over when we first got her, and she would cry for four hours or more.

She is fine with Suki and William, as long as they are not in her house. Suki especially. The two girls are both very alpha personalities, and have clashed over who should be where in the pecking order. Last time, Suki came into the house off-lead (which I would have objected to had I known in advance) and they two fought. Kimba started it, and cut Suki's ear. Out in the garden, they are fine, but Kimba objects to them in the house. We're training her to see that it isn't her choice or her concern who comes into the house, as she is not in charge - Weisse and I are. In the mean time, they are only socialising outside.

I will confess, I had the Puppy Blues. I wondered if we had done the right thing, if we were ready for a dog, and regretted getting her as my life had massively changed, and her behavioural issues meant I couldn't take her to all the places I had dreamed of taking her. The first week, where she refused to go out, cried all the time, and I was dealing with it largely alone (Weisse was working) was tough - I was sleep deprived as she didn't sleep through the night and I had to get up earlier than I was used to to walk her, and her upset meant I had to doze on the sofa in ten minute bursts. I'm glad to say that has gone. She is a very good, intelligent dog and I'm very glad we have her in our life.


It is also the six year anniversary of Dany arriving in my house! She's had her issues - She is an ill little thing, but so wonderfully relaxed and friendly. This is the first photo I ever took of her, the first time I held her. She's better than ever these days - eating fairly well, reasonably active, considering her health problems. For Dany and Gelby, I consider the day I adopted them to be their birthday, as the actual date is unknown. So happy birthday Dany! You are probably about 7.
traditional and digital artwork / Re: Iara's Artwork
« Last post by Jade Sinapu on July 15, 2018, 07:29:36 pm »
Blue and black markings on your panther Riley are great!  Moongaze is looking winsome, of course.  And I love the warm tones throughout the second image.  Your dinosaur is cute, yet dangerous, and im not sure which way to run  ;).  Great work Iara!
Maybe if I get my skills up, I will look into these Copic markers.   Hmm...

(Hey Iara, have you ever thought of doing dinosaur illustrations to teach kids or adults different species?  Since no flesh survives the petrification process, artists are the only ones who can show us what they looked like.  Where I live there are a few good dinosaur track formations, and each exhibit is accompied with an educational display.)
singing, music, & dance / I'm learning to scream like a death metal horror!
« Last post by cause the rat on July 15, 2018, 02:23:53 pm »
OK, maybe not that extreme. But I am learning how to scream wile I sing. And it's easier than I thought. After learning how to start the technique it was really easy to pick it out from old songs that I listen to. Even heard it wile watching a Harry Potter movie over at my mom's yesterday. It's a technique that is actually very relaxing to the throat. Takes a lot of  practice to get it right. To be able to hit it when you need it. If not it sounds really bad. : ) It all starts with than gravelly moan anyone can do. Think of how you would say "I really don't want to get up" wile still in bed. Then learn to work that smoothly all the way up to your highest falsetto. It's been used in rock for decades now. And it's the same technique thrash and hard core metal singers use to sing.  A good example is Janis Joplin. She owned it. If you jump to 20:10 there's a great example of how this technique sounds. Her voice is not naturally gravelly. She hits the technique and lets it go like a pro.

It really adds some depth to what your singing. Now I just need to learn to stay in pitch.  Or just scream my way out of needing to.  :D

This is the vid that got me started,
Part two is just a commercial for their school.

Going to explore what i can find on line first. If I can't find what i'm looking for there's a book called 'The Zen Of Screaming".

The absolute one book I recommend to anyone wanting to learn REAL techniques for singing is "The Rock and Roll Singer's Survival Manual". Hands down the BEST book out there.

Don't plan on singing hard core. Just want to be able to add an aggression to the music I do.
furry greetings / Re: Newcomer here!
« Last post by Iara Warriorfeather on July 15, 2018, 01:01:53 pm »
Welcome to Furtopia, Clock! Hope you enjoy the forum!  :D
traditional and digital artwork / Re: Iara's Artwork
« Last post by Iara Warriorfeather on July 15, 2018, 01:00:02 pm »
Thank you Holt5!  8)

Even more art! Lots of commissions and trades!!

news forum / Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Last post by Old Rabbit on July 15, 2018, 09:02:47 am »
Yes it seems anytime Trump touches anyone they start
acting the same as he does. They start lieing about everything 
and anyone who isn't for Trump. It's almost as if he threatens
them somehow if they don't give him their total loyalty.  Just like
a mob boss. Only Trump is more like a spoiled rich kid who is 
used to getting everything he wants. It's been reported he has
temper tantrums when he doesn't like a news report. I heard
president Nixon was the same way..

The GOP should be telling the states to upgrade their voting systems
to protect against foreign attacks. Instead they are griping about the
investigation of Russia helping Trump. They are trying to  say why
talk about Russia? After all they helped us take power. I can guarantee
if the shoe was on the other foot they would be raising holy heck if
the democrats didn't work to stop foreign attacks on voting. Trump
has tried to blaime the Democrats for allowing their servers to be
hacked. As if the Republican servers weren't. They were attacked
as well. The difference is their information wasn't released to the
public online.

Trump always claims his gut is smarter than anyone else. I wonder
where his gut was when he met with the N Korean leader? Even
though Trump claims N Korea is going to get rid of its nukes they are
still adding them. I hope Trumps Gut does better when he talks to
Putin. Actually I think Trump is more interested in helping Trump than
the United States. This is why the meeting should be recorded as well
as all communications with Russia's leader.

Trump was complaining about Germany paying Russia billions for energy,
while we pay even more to Saudi Arabia for crude oil. I think Trump is
trying to get Europe to buy our natural gas. Gas we would have to
liquefy and ship across the Atlantic ocean. We should keep the gas for
our own use, not selling it to other countries. Selling it would make it
cost more for Americans. Why? because selling massive amounts
would create a shortage, and they would use that as an excuse to
raise the price.

You can find out more at the following links.

news forum / Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Last post by Kay Alett on July 14, 2018, 12:49:57 pm »
Trump is in the UK right now. Shooting off his mouth about all sorts of issues and making himself look more like a fool than he already is.  >:(

Got to love you Brits. You sure can come up with some of the most brilliant ideas. Love the baby balloon of Trump! Nice play! Toddler in Chief for sure!  :D  :D  :D

It's even more hilarious when you realize that in the UK "Trump" means "Fart".
And I think we ought to adopt that slang because right now our president is just hateful cloud of noxious gas that is claiming to do good but in reality kills everyone who comes in contact with it.
Trump IS a horrible smelly fart of agent orange. :D
general non-furry discussion / Re: T G I F What are you doing this weekend?
« Last post by cause the rat on July 14, 2018, 10:45:54 am »
Going to my mom's to discuss arrangements for her to move in with me. Unfortunately this means my brother, who hasn't had a job in the lat 25 years will be coming along. My mom I can understand. She's running out of money and can no longer afford to live in her condo. My brother is a mooch and i'm not cool with that. Will see what happens. I've lived by myself for 15+ years now. This is going to be interesting at best. Guess I'll have to learn to put cloths on when I walk through my house : )
traditional and digital artwork / Re: Iara's Artwork
« Last post by Holt5 on July 14, 2018, 09:22:32 am »
My new badge! Made with Copic markers on watercolor paper--I am really enjoying these markers!

Aha - the famous Copic markers! I have yet to try them myself, but I hear they are great. ;) Once again a very charming velociraptor!

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