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word games / Re: Quotes...
« Last post by FarFar on Today at 06:00:02 pm »
word games / Re: Avatar caption game
« Last post by FarFar on Today at 05:58:23 pm »
This is my catapult for mouth goobers!
word games / Re: How will the person above you die?
« Last post by charcoal on Today at 05:37:26 pm »
You take a walk in my hometown of tughill during a snow storm you get lost and freeze to death... Pupsicle Anyone 1dollar
word games / Re: Avatar caption game
« Last post by Varg the wanderer on Today at 01:13:30 pm »
"Pink is my favorite artist. I loved her stuff so much I had her draw my background... and that's when I learned she only does music."
word games / Re: Quotes...
« Last post by Varg the wanderer on Today at 01:11:19 pm »
"If nothing is being broken then work isn't getting done."
-Former lead.

Recently learned he died, which is unfortunate; he was a good guy. He's also the one that, after I told him I broke something else and was worried I'd get fired said
"I'll talk with him [the manager] about it. I've been fired from worse jobs before. It's easy to get fired from a good job, but to get fired from a bad one is pretty hard to do."
word games / Re: How will the person above you die?
« Last post by Varg the wanderer on Today at 01:06:01 pm »
You bled out after a house cat seeking attention gave your forearm an affectionate bite... and nailed an artery. Betchya didn't know you had that birth defect, did you? ;)
The special counsel commented that the report about Trump directing
this lawyer to lie to congress isn't accurate. It seems to me if there isn't
any evidence to show Trump did this they should have just said so.
Instead they just said enough to discredit the report, not to deny it.
Trump as usual denies any report of wrong doing, and oddly thanked the special counsel for what they said.

Trump is wanting to pull the United States out of NATO. A European
alliance that has kept the world at peach for 70 years. Yes there have
been wars, but no world wars which we had 2 prior to NATO. After
 the 911 attack on the U.S. NATO nations fought to help us.

Trump, like Putin and other autocratic leaders believe a strong man
government is be best way to run countries. It's true those kind of
governments are more efficient, but they are oppressive with few
if any rights for the individual.

This nationalistic idea of Trump will put us all at risk. Once we are
out of NATO Russia will have little reason to not invade the Baltic's,
Poland, and others. Putin wants to restore the power of the Soviet
Union. He will try to do it politically first, but like Ukraine he will
use military force if needed. Russia's history suffered from invasion
by other powers. Due to this Russia wants a buffer zone of countries
they control that surround Russia.

Some say we shouldn't worry about countries on the
other side of the world. This is a short sided idea
that ignores the fact that countries run by autocrats
are never satisfied and wish to spread their influence
to other countries. They have to be shown like
all bullies there are limits to what they are
allowed to do. Otherwise they waill be at our
doorstep in the future. Also a stable world is
good for the economy.

President Trump claims he is worried about national security yet
this shutdown he is responsible for is putting many Americans at
risk. Even the national security he claims he want to protect.
The following is a list of some parts of government who are
having to do wihout money.

Money for the courts
Money for the FBI
Money for airport security.
Money for the National guard.
Money for parks.
Money for the secret service.
Money for the IRS.
and many others.

you can find out more at the following links.
Just chilling at home
furry lite™ / Re: You know you are Furry........
« Last post by FarFar on Today at 07:41:39 am »
When you look at the posts on the furry forums and websites before you check your "other" emails.

I took the red pill....

furry lite™ / Re: Fursuit Pickup Lines
« Last post by FarFar on Today at 07:37:37 am »
Can I watch you sweep the floor with your tail?
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