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suggestion box / Re: Email notification
« Last post by Loc on Today at 11:16:48 am »
The email system is a relic of how old the site is, sadly. Without going into too many details, the basics of it is: the way it is currently set up, our emails get regularly blacklisted. We can send them, but you will not receive them. It is possible we could fix it, but it would require talking with WS, as he is the site owner, and some work on his end of things. He is semi-retired now, however. It isn't something that anyone who isn't WS can fix (although Weisse hsa tried).
Many people feel Trump is nothing but a mob boss using the
office of the presidency to make himself and his friends even
richer. When you look at Trump in this light one can see why
so many of those worked for him are going to jail. Trump would
be in serious legal trouble if he wasn't the president. Even with
that he is a un indicted conspirator. Yet many of his supporters
don't want to believe he  has lied.

President Trump's support may be cracking a bit. Even Fox News
isn't solidly behind Trump like they were. Will people finally see
through Trumps con job? Trump will use every sales tactic he
knows to sell himself to those that supported him in 2016.

The problem is he needs more, because a lot of people voted
for Trump as a vote against H. Clinton. I imagine meny of those
would vote for a democrat if they like the candidate. The midterm
election showed many people are tired of Trump and his cronies.

The GOP leaders are saying the democrats are wanting to move
the country to the left, and create socialist programs that will
ruin the country. What they don't want to admit is it's their big
business billionaire supporters who  is afraid of liberal programs
that would cost them billions in increased taxes.

They like the NRA are afraid if they let the democrats pass
programs that help the people, they won't be able to turn
it around, because like social security people would turn against
any party who tried to take it away.

Medicare for all would be a great program. It would help those with
pre existing conditions, and would save them 1000's of dollars in
insurance premiums. Yes it's likely payroll deductions would increase
some, but over all it would be cheaper. Unfortuantly big insurance
would try to scare people away from it, just as they do when limits
on drug prices are brought up. It's all about billionaires wanting to
make more, and more money. They will fight, cheat and lie to get
richer, no matter who it hurts. 

You can find out more at the following links.
general non-furry discussion / Re: Local weather
« Last post by Jade Sinapu on Today at 10:40:54 am »
Sunny, too sunny in fact.  Drying out bad.  No moisture here.  very calm winds, high UV index, ~50F, just stale stable inverted air, with a LOT of pollution.

Some people think the Denver air would be clear because we "are in the mountains", but in reality, we are in the plains, and surrounded by hills on all sides, so we are in a depression and the cold polluted air sits there.  We call it the brown cloud, but our tourism board denies it exists and deliberately takes photos of the town and countryside when its at  minimum.  So FAKE! Some romanticize it and cal it a Broncos Sunset.  Our football team is the Denver Broncos and has colors of blue and orange.  Like the orange pollution contrasted with cloudless blue skies.  No, its supposed to be clear and sky blue, no red or orange or brown.
general non-furry discussion / Re: What really "grinds your gears"?
« Last post by Jade Sinapu on Today at 10:13:16 am »
TV commercials that feature a door bell JUST LIKE MINE!
It makes me and the dog get up and start barking at the door.

Or a knock on the door sound, or a phone ringing.  It sounds so real , it fools either or both of us.
I get up from what I was doing to see who it was , and then realize its the TV I left on, in the other room. 
general non-furry discussion / Re: What Are You Up To?
« Last post by Jade Sinapu on Today at 10:10:26 am »
Waiting, still waiting, for the pharmacy to fill some meds for my dog.  Its like an eternity when it takes 5 days to get anything done.  Why is it so hard to fill 30 Amoxicillin ?
In the mean time, my dog is just getting worse.

suggestion box / Re: Email notification
« Last post by Jade Sinapu on Today at 10:07:22 am »
So, without detail, are there any plans on resurrecting email via Furtopia? Or P.M. bouncing to external Email.

I know just a few basics about email, so, I know that in theory if I were to give Furtopia my SMTP and POP3 details and login and password, it could essentially log into my external email as if it were me, and write an email to myself... I did that before when I wrote a simple windows app a few years ago.  All you really have to worry about is the security protocols.  like GMail ramped up their security requirements and it put an end to my method because I couldn't get past the authentication steps.  I think it was TLS handshake.  Its been too long, can't really remember now.

general non-furry discussion / Re: What Are You Up To?
« Last post by Varg the wanderer on Today at 09:28:14 am »
Homework  x_x
suggestion box / Re: Email notification
« Last post by Loc on Today at 04:10:49 am »
We used to have a very good automated email system. Currently however, for various reasons I shan't bother to get into, the email server is down and automated emails cannot be sent.
suggestion box / Email notification
« Last post by Jade Sinapu on December 15, 2018, 11:46:16 pm »
Is it possible to have Furtopia send a generic email to the address I used to register here, when I get a P.M. on Furtopia?

Something like "you have one or more new messages on Furtopia".  No mention of screen name etc.

Or would this require something out of the scope of the forums?
Yeah I like the semi realistic/ semi toony blend.
And if I have a suit, I'm betting I won't be popular at all, but so long as I'm having fun.
I want to be a semi realistic dog, GSD.

It means something to me to be more representative of the animal to a degree more than the toon style.  Maybe that is because I feel a connection to my animal of choice.

Yeah just don't want to set people running and crying.  That would stink.

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