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general non-furry discussion / Re: What do you want for Christmas?
« Last post by cause the rat on Today at 12:16:38 pm »
A really Nice Windows computer. My mac has got to go.
Dewalt table saw.
A Focusright 4PRE audio interface.
Studio 1 DAW. Just send a complete home studio package. Mics, monitors and all. : )

And if I don't get any of that? Socks. Lots of socks. Because I wear steal toe'd boots at work. They are really hard on socks.
general non-furry discussion / Re: What do you want for Christmas?
« Last post by Jade Sinapu on Today at 10:47:53 am »
I already listed some of the things I would like for Christmas, but here is what I think some others would like...

I think that for one of my sisters, she would like some decorations for her place.  Maybe I could give her a gift card for her favorite online store.
The other sister would like help with living expenses, so possibly another gift card to the grocery store she shops.
My brother would like a camping trip with his kids, so maybe I could lend some of my equipment next year.
And my mother would like her kitchen floor redone
My father would like lawn service, and maybe a piece or something for his computer(s).

My co-worker has a tattoo of a Marmot on his arm, I was going to make or get a marmot plushie and put it in his work area.  We talked about it, and he was cool with it.  But I can't get it in time for the holidays.  He is not a furry, nor does he know what it is.  But he did , half jokingly say, that the marmot was like a spirit animal.  So...maybe he is slightly furry adjacent?

The GOP found a federal judge in Texas to declare the ACA unconstitutional.
They said they were for covering pre existing conditions, which was a lie. Also
they never put any limits on premium costs for such insurance either. They
continue working to protect the bottom line of big insurance who makes
billions yearly  on the backs of the American people. The GOP took a hit for
their big business protection policies in the midterm. I hope they take a
bigger one in 2020.

Inspite of this judges decision the ACA hasn't gone away, it will take a long
time to run this through the courts. Untill then it's still in force.

The GOP has been trying to get rid of entitlements for many years. They consider
the ACA another ones  like medicaid, social security, and medicare. They feel these
programs will drive up taxes for big businesses. Something rich people want cut.

A child died due to Trumps policies along the Mexican boarder. I find it hard
to understand how they find people to work in ICE thata can do what they do.
The Trump administration must brainwash these people to get them to have
such indifference to suffering by other human beings. People who support this
kind of thing better hope there isn't a God, as it's totally anti christian to let
children suffer. ICE dumps the water that concerned citizens leave in the
desert. This alone is discusting and inhuman.

You can find out more at the following links.

general non-furry discussion / Re: What do you want for Christmas?
« Last post by Loc on Today at 07:58:25 am »
Nothing, really. I just want my pets to be happy and healthy, and currently they are as much as they can be. So I'm happy enough.
general non-furry discussion / Re: The "Bad News" thread.
« Last post by Jade Sinapu on December 14, 2018, 09:15:35 pm »
My bad news is that , like too often these days, my dog is just getting sicker.  She is old, at 11.

Took her in for another checkup, and antibiotics did nothing.  She seems to have multi-drug resistant bacteria in her bladder , and it is now getting to her kidneys.
Culture done, and analysis done.  Will wait for results.  Know by Wednesday?

Was asked to have her checked for Degenerative Myeolopathy.  Its like ALS, Parkinsions, Or Myasthenia Gravis. 
It causes her nerves to die in her spinal cord.  Its a neuro-muscular disease.
When I heard of it, and that it is connected to ALS, I started thinking of DogBomb, who has ALS, and is a fursuiter.  His fursona is a GSD. 

If she has D.M. she is a goner.  Will do the test soon to find out.
Can't afford too much money on tests.  Spent over $500 in the last few weeks.
general non-furry discussion / Re: What do you want for Christmas?
« Last post by Jade Sinapu on December 14, 2018, 09:10:10 pm »
What I want for Christmas
(is my two front teeth, my two front teeth, my two front teeth)
But seriously now...

At a slightly greedy level:
Analog Arts SF880 multi function test equipment.  Its only about $900 USD.

But on a more down to earth level:
nice warm wool socks that fit
jeans that fit me now that I lost weight
shirts that are nice and I actually like, and can wear to work.  (they do not allow t-shirts, especially if they have designs on them)
good winter gloves, and a new jacket, maybe leather?
Health care for my old dog.

And on a more wishful thinking level:
To rewind time about 8.5 years
Back to when I was younger without back issues, generally healthy, totally free and very happy.  And my dog was the same. 
And the place where I live was good, peaceful, just and verdant.
And my family was a good cohesive force out to help all.
Back to a time when all was right in the world.  (For me at least it was)

Seriously, I really do want Peace On Earth, and Goodwill Towards All Living Things!

Furries, spread the good cheer this year!
general non-furry discussion / Re: What Are You Up To?
« Last post by charcoal on December 14, 2018, 08:59:24 pm »
Walking around Oneida bored I need friends
general non-furry discussion / Re: What do you want for Christmas?
« Last post by charcoal on December 14, 2018, 08:55:09 pm »
A new pair of steeltoe boots and a merry Christmas
news forum / Re: Bats killed for their blood
« Last post by Jade Sinapu on December 14, 2018, 08:52:22 pm »
Old traditions die hard.  So drinking bat blood is a habit that is hard for some people to stop.  apparently.

Kind of like the traditional, and uneducated belief that all snakes are poisonous.  Or that snakes are bad.  A belief that may stem in part from some religious beliefs.

Or the odd belief that eating a Rhino horn can make you have better body function in certain areas.  And a Rhino horn is like fingernail material. I seem to remember a family member chewing their fingernails, and it never did anything miraculous to them.  :D  People like to think of many things being cure-all's. And its usually due to scientific knowledge.

if they are going to use bat blood, maybe they should main-line it!  ha ha, see if that good fresh unprocessed bat blood mixes with their own in their veins.  I bet it would coagulate fast.
news forum / Re: Bats killed for their blood
« Last post by charcoal on December 14, 2018, 08:44:07 pm »
But still why drink bat blood it's just wrong because of risk of parasites and other things I believe Marijuana is a better cure for epilepsy, you don't have to roll it up you can make an oil and make cookies and other things
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