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tech talk / Li ion batteries and age
« Last post by Varg the wanderer on Today at 12:40:45 pm »
How long can I ride this puppy before it dives into the dirt?

I have an old Macbook (2009) that I currently use. The batteries, according to Apple, are good for 300 cycles. I am currently sitting at 270 something and have noticed a minor decrease in battery performance, but my computer hasn't thrown any warnings yet. I know these batteries have a margin of safety (brother has 2010 or 2011 model, rated for 1k cycles and has 2k+ on his), but mine aren't made anymore (and I tried 3rd party- never again) and so everything on the market is pushing 10 years old.

Do these batteries age with time?

In other words, is that margin of safety still there? I've already had two batteries go out on me, one of them scorching the desk and making the plastic brittle. I know I can get a replacement battery, but they are becoming hard to find and still face the aging problem. Eventually I plan on making this thing an off-line desktop (It still has programs I like that aren't available anymore) but I still need a mobile computer for school and it's either this thing or I'll have to buy a replacement. If I can limp it to the end of the semester then great, but the faster the battery drains the faster cycles are added. I've already put a fair number on it since the start of the school year, so I'm confident that I'll break the 300 count before the end of the semester. If it looks like I can push it past then, riding on that safety margin then great. If not I'd like to start looking for a replacement now and not when I have a charred lumpy thing in my backpack and a lab write-up due.
It's my wall or nothing, no matter how Trump dresses it up.
The Democrats probably should make a countter offer to
bounce the ball back where it belongs.

President Trump made a speach yesterday trying to claim he
is willing to compromise. There was no compromise, this deal
was him making demands, he, his son n law, and the VP
set it up in a room somewhere. Trump doesn't want to talk to
the democrats unless they are ready to bow and lick his
boots. Just as he expects the GOP to do.

Each time the democrats have met with Trump he asks one
question. Will you give me a wall? When they say  no he
stomps out of the room with no offer to compromise.

His offer to help DOCA, and other imigrants with temporary
protection is something he took away, and now wants to use 
it as a carrot. It's all about his wall, now a wall people can cut
through in minutes with a battery operated saw.

Trump is betting the democrats will cave, because they are
suckers for sob stories and the needs of government workers.
People who mean little or nothing to  him unless they do his

This boils down to Trump trying to use the news media to
change public's opinion  which is turning against him, and
kick the proverbial ball to the Democrats. Democrats will
be asked many times if they will accept Trumps fake

you can find out more at the following links.

general non-furry discussion / Re: The "Bad News" thread.
« Last post by Foxpup on Today at 10:01:33 am »
TIL if you run regedit from within Windows Startup Repair, it edits the registry of the recovery environment instead of the system you're recovering. What's the point of even having it there in the first place?

(Also, swapping hard drives between Windows boxes is more fun than a barrel of monkeys, if the monkeys are trying to bite and scratch your face off because they're angry about being couped up in a barrel, but everyone already knows that. It's even more fun with laptops.)
word games / Re: Hilarious, dumb, or very unknown facts!
« Last post by FarFar on Today at 06:25:09 am »
In their lifetime, the average person will swallow 6 spiders while sleeping.
Not sure about the average fur.
word games / Re: What are you eating/drinking right now game?
« Last post by FarFar on Today at 06:20:07 am »
Coffee and some chex mix.
word games / Re: Avatar caption game
« Last post by FarFar on Today at 06:18:36 am »
My rocket is bigger then yours! :P
word games / Re: Quotes...
« Last post by FarFar on Today at 06:16:16 am »
Be very afraid.....

Movie, "The fly".
word games / Re: The last thing you bought.
« Last post by FarFar on Today at 06:11:12 am »
A roll of packing tape and some gasoline.
word games / Re: How will the person above you die?
« Last post by FarFar on Today at 06:09:52 am »
Drowned when a storage tank of hot liquid chocolate syrup ruptured.
word games / Re: What are you eating/drinking right now game?
« Last post by Rocket T. Coyote on January 19, 2019, 10:33:51 pm »
Vernor's ginger ale.
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