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Leon the Otter:
Name: Dylan
Aliases: Leonardo; Leon; Roxas; (name given from farmer: Luke)
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Species: Sea Otter
Eye colour: Green
Hair colour: Brown
Clothing: faded-red shirt, dirt covered jeans, black finger-less gloves. Camo Bennie. Scars on his hands, chest and one on his right eye (from a sword fight)
 - green Lightsaber, with his name printed on the handle (which he created by hand)
 - 12-gauge shotgun, also printed with his name (good for on assaults)

Skills/Special powers:
 - Good at sword techs.
 - Making friends easy

Funny, nice, lovable, and brave

Even though tends to be classy, funny around friends, jokes around, and young, this otter is a natural born warrior, descended from kings and knights, he didn't know his real parents, he was raised on a farm until 15 years old, a evil soldier brigade called "The Buring Hand" burned down his home when he went to the fields. He learned of his real family from a retired soldier from the 4 Year War, a war that took 4 years to fight. Leon fights to cleanse the lands of evil, even though what he's up against.      

Leon: Just so you know, This entire Rising Fur RP has been dead for ages. This forum will most likely be closed in the forseeable future.


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