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Well, with the restart immanent (as it has been for almost a week) I thought id set up a new character creation thread.

Anyway. heres me

Well, I'll start with mine then

Name: Antony (wont reveal my last name for obvious reasons)
Aliases: Kale (his fursona); Golden Scale (an online persona he sometimes uses)
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Species: River Otter
Eye colour: Green
Hair colour: Brown, dyed silver (because i felt like it)
Clothing: Genrally scruffy, as he has a poor background. A white shirt and jeans, and a beat up black leather trenchcoat
 - his penkife (which is useful for other things too)
 - Kazer arms VII equaliser police Pistol (with a single clip of ammo)
 - The hilt to a really old sword that he took from his house (well, he tired to use it, but it broke, but still good for bludgeoning)

Skills/Special powers:
 - A high magical potential, buit no skill or knowladge

Quite shy and retiring, tends to get nervous under stress, but will do anything for his freinds. He has a short fuse over certain issues, and will not tolerate anyone insulting his freinds or family.

Until recently, antonys life was fairly normal. things changed when he transformed into an anthromorphic otter and was forced to flee from his hometown and his family, chased by the government, some religious zealots, and now, something else...

(I'm just using myself with a few modifications)

Name: Brandi
Aliases: Jace
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Species: Red Fox
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Brownish Red
Jewelry: One piercing on the lobe on the left ear, and two on the right.
Clothing:  Baggy green t-shirt with a faded beach seen on it. Baggy dark tan shorts bought it then mens/boys department.

- An old pocket knife with a wolf's face engraved on the blade.

Skills/Special powers:
- Extremely Intelligent.
- Good with horses.

She is kind and sweet but very shy when she meets someone new. Her shyness has made it hard for her to make any new friends. Most friends she has are ones from first grade or earlier. But once in a place she knows she is very confident of herself and will do crazy extraverted things and have tons of fun.

Brandi lived a normal life with normal parent even though most of the time Brandi didn't think so. She always had an abnormal love and connection with animals. Her parents thought is was natural and weren't worried. One morning fox like features began appearing. Deciding not to show her parents she tried cutting off her whiskers and her tail. To her dismay the grew back quickly and came with ears and a snout. Deciding it would be a bad idea to let anyone see her, she packed her bag and left home immediately.

Name: Krago
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Species: Dragon
Eye colour: Piercing Red
Hair colour: Cyan Blue Hair, with a white undercoat
Clothing: Never really thaught about clothing, my furry's always just been a head

Skills/Special powers:
- Well, fire breath, tho a bit bland would have to be the obvious one there

Wolf Axle:
Name: wolf axle
Aliases: Xion Zion
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Species: Wolf
Eye colour: yellow
Hair colour: gray and black
Clothing:darker gray coat, shirt, jeans
 - sword on back
Skills/Special powers:
 - can marterialize weapons 

well shyish until he know you, mainly he's kinda random and wierd in a good way.

as he was growing up he knew he was different, but didn't know how he was different. Now He Knows and he will never go back to the norm.

Wolf Axle: I hope you realise how old this thread is?


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