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I'm just wondering who is still interested in continuing this as it seems to have died. Mostly,i think, due to me. If people are still intersted in continuing, then i'll continue it, but otherwise i'll stop the current story and start fresh with some new ideas.If anyone wants to make some suggestions i'll be happy to l;isten as good ideas and advice are always welcome.

i'm still interested in it

i missed the last one but i t looks like fun, i think you should start again, i wanna play

beyond the darkness:
I think you should go on with it, it was, in my opinion, getting good

I know I haven't participated much since my life has taken a serious turn, but everything is finally on the right track again. I'll join back in and would like to keep things going. Think there's any room for a good char gone bad, as I have been deciding on a change on alingment.


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