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beyond the darkness:
Paul crept back into the house, he wanted to run but something brought him back. He couldn't think straight, he wanted someone to comfort him, like his parents would do when he was a child. But he knew  they wouldn't, he wasn't a child anymore, he wasn't even human anymore!
He could only think of one thing, a place that had brought him comfort in the past, he only hoped it could again.
Somehow he was able to turn on his computer and clumsily opened his e-mail in box.
"1 New Message" it told him.
After several seconds the file opened and an otter waved out from the monitor.
He looked for the name of the sender.
"Kale? It can't be!"
Something clicked into place.
After much frustration Paul was able to open his messenger and saw Kale was already on line.
"Please!" He whispered

Kale, I need your help bad!

Kale saw the blink on his messenger
yeah, im here
He was starting to feel really hungry, but leaving the room would provably be a bad idea, his parents would be awake and he now really didnt want to see how they'd react.

beyond the darkness:
Paul, stared at the reply not knowing what to say.
Breathing hard he began to type.

I don't know how, but I saw someone get hit by lightning then I went out side to help and I...

He struggled to bring himself to admit it.

What are we gonna do?

Just as he hit the enter key something else clicked in his mind.

It was you! I saw you! But how?

Antony thought for a while before responding
[/I]Well, i dont know how long were gonna be safe,if this has happened to us i want to know what started it and what we have to do, no one who hasnt seen whats happened wont belive us, but i suspect it has happened to others
He pressed enter and snuck downstairs, it appeared that no one was awake so he grabbed a glass of orange juice and some salmon from the fridge and went back upstairs. His mother was waiting in his bedroom.
"Antony... is it really you?" She said, her voice full of concern
"yeah, its me mum" he replied
"w-what happened to you?"
"I dont know, im trying to figure it out"
She hugged him tight "I know that youre gonna be leaving soon and i hope that you'll be ok... please... come back.." and left

beyond the darkness:
Paul read the reply. He knew what Kale said was true. He heard his father moving in the next room.
He quickly scribbled down a note for his parents (as best as he could write with his paw like hands)
I'm sorry, I have to go, you wouldn't understand. But I'll be back!
"I hope" he added silently.
He pinned it to his room door and crept back out of the house.
He look back at his home. The sun was beginning to rise, casting a strange red glow over it.
"I've never seen that before," he said before turning and sprinting away.


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