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Antony decided on a final shot at telling people what had happened, he sent an email to two adresses, contianing an account of what had happened and some webcam footage of him smiling and waving. He sent it to two people almost by instinct, he knew them both from a website and thought that theyed be the most likeley to belive what had happened, He knew them as Beyond The Darkness and JadnarDaj (OOC: used your aim).

Jalex Darnco:
I knew that I could never show my parants what I had become.  I looked towards my computer. I had known it for such a long time, for so many years. I knew it had consumed my life, slowly dissolving all that was of me. But I am no more of what I was, not anymore.

I crawled to my computer, pushing myself up and into the chair. Pushing several buttons with akward claws, I waited as the computer whined to life.

As it came fully loaded up, I went to my e-mail, knowing nothing else. There was something there, which I opened. I then waited as the attachment downloaded. The message I read while that happened. I stared at it for a moment, before realizing the download had completed. I opened it, and there was an otter waving in a happy fashion.

How could he be happy? How?! His life is destroyed, that everything that was will never be the same. No one would accept him, they'd be scared of him. He'll be subject to scientists poking and prodding him.

Then I wondered at the connections. In my dreams I saw a person with an umbrella, in the rain. I saw the bright flash. Was I somehow connected to him? I noticed a listings of his IM screen names, which I added to it, when I loaded the program up.

When I saw the newly added name pop up in sign of being logged in, I paused for a moment, scared of what could happen, of the conversation that would soon be. Then with heavy reluctence I clicked on the name brining up a new window.


Kale was surprised when someone came online, and replied to his message, the elation of what he had become weraing off a little as he reaslised that it would possibly mean that either he could never leave the house again, or that he would had to live in the wilderness

Erm... hi there

Jalex Darnco:
I wasn't too sure how to begin the conversation. How does one start anysort of conversation of that sort? Perhaps... there is one way.

Are you the one with the umbrella?

yeah, i had the umbrella, but... how did you know,it wasnt as if you were there and he thought, remembering the feeling that he was bieng wiatched in any physical sense


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