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A Mysterious ruin somewhere in the world... a lone man sits, contemplating the runes etched on the wall, the cypher was almost his, he would open it and recive the great gift mentioned in the document that had led him here.
He read the runes one more time and it clicked, he pressed the very first and the very final ones and the door opened, darkness pouring out, absorbing the man, contorting his very soul.

It had begun...

It was dark, and rain beat against Antons umbrella as he walked through the storm and down into the town, he didn't know why he was out in this weather he just knew that he was waiting. 'waiting for what' he thought as he trudged down the road.
Eventually he reached the riverside and caught a glimpse of his reflection in the water. What he saw was an otter looking back. He knew the otter well, as it was him, a reflection of his furry form, he had been seeing it in mirrors and stuff more and more recently, and he knew that this linked to his feeling that something big was about to happen. There was a clash of thunder as he turned his head upwards, watching the strange purple lightning arcing across the sky, just it time to see the fork arcing towards him and an impossible thing, his reflection leaping out towards him "oh sh-" He was cut off as the lightning and the reflection hit him, sending him flying backwards and into darkness.
When Kale woke up he was in his bed. A dream? No. He could feel the pain of tripping and falling, and his whole body felt wrong, he was laying on his side, so he decided to roll over onto his back "yeowch!" He shouted, having rolled onto something. He quickly rolled off the bed and got up, catching a glimpse of himself in a mirror, an otter stared back. Whereas every previous time he had seen this, the otter had been slightly transparent, not it was very solid and very real., he felt his own face, watching as the paws raised up to touch it, feeling the muzzle that was now his face.
'Wow' He thought 'Its really happened, and I know I'm not dreaming, I think i should tell someone about this'He turned to his computer, which was fortunately still on, and yes, still connected to the internet, he quickly opened messenger to see who was online, turning on his webcam.

Jalex Darnco:
The days grew so cold. Winter was slowly falling upon our area. Summer was slowly fading away, the glorious heat that once shimmered about now gone, and replaced by cool crisp winds. I could almost feel the cold winds from within my own home, pressing against the walls as an elephent would ram a tree.

I waited for sleep to come, this late night. I felt much more restless then I have ever any other night. Not even when I was younger on christmas eve night. I constantly had this need to get up and run outside. That I had to go, and do something. But what?

I've never felt such a need, but I felt so tired. I couldn't help it but fall asleep feeling ashamed at haveing not gone and done what I wanted.

My dreams were twisted, swirling, constnatly going all over the place. I saw, someone, with an umbrella. He walked up to a river. I sat here, on a rock, and watched him through the rain. Then a bright flash, and then it went all odd, chaotic. I saw a lizard, it saw me, and the rest of my night was thrown into darkness.

I woke up, feeling quite odd. I felt like I was laying down on something, something that was quite uncomfritable to be layed on. Rolling to myside with my eyes still closed, I felt my self roll off whatever I had been ontop of. Though an odder feeling came over me. Something was moving, right behind me. My eyes shot open and my body went very still. Whatever was next to me stopped moving as well. I could feel my breath quicken as nervousness grew up in me. Then with sudden decision, I whipped my head around, much faster then I had ever thought I could. Though what I saw was even scarrier. Some sort of long coneish type thing, bent slightly. My first instinct was snake, but I then wondered what a snake would be doing in my bed, and why it got wider as it got closer to me.

A tail? No... that's impossible. I reached over and turned on the light next to me. I saw a scale covered arm pull away from the light after I turned it on. My hands ending in slight claws. Fear soon fell over me. What had happened? What are my parants going to think? what of my sister?

I rolled out of my bed, landing on my feet, then stumbling foward, then backwards, I fell onto my bed ontop of my tail. Panic soon began to Come onto me. I couldn't even stand!

I shook with the fear that I was feeling, trying to free myself of this horrid dream. Curling up into a ball, I felt my tail wrap around my legs as I stuffed my head between my legs and body, making myself so much smaller. I cried, from fear, panic, and saddness knowing that whatever life I had before was long gone to me now.

Things were going wrong for antony, even with the webcam footage no one had belived him, but then again, why should they. This was not an everyday occurence, he oly belived it because he was constantly moving his han... paw to touch the layer of fur, he showed the footage again and again, trying to find someone who would think it was true, and eventually began to give up out of exasperation and hunger...

"danm... i could really go for some salmon..."
He giggled at the remark, surmising that his appetite had been changed as well as his form. He wondered how his parents would react to it and grinned.

beyond the darkness:
"NO! Not again!"
Paul sat up in bed, checking his arms and his legs.
"Thank goodness for that."
He looked towards the window and watched the rain smeer against the glass. He slowly began to calm down.
"My college psyciatrist would have a field day with this one. 'Please doc, I've been having dreams where I'm a ferret, any ideas?'"

Paul climbed out of bed, put on a pair of trousers and went down stairs to get a drink. As he passed the window, something caught his eye. He looked again, there was a person just outside, holding an umbrella, looking at something.
"What's he.." as he spoke there was a flash and the person dissappeared.
Thinking he had been hit by lightning, Paul ran to the door and outside to help, but just as his eyes shifted focus as he turned to run his eyes saw something his brain couldn't process. His reflection was not his own, it was a ferret that looked back at him.
Paul looked evrywhere but he couldn't see the person with the umbrella anywhere. Something made him look up and he saw an instant before it struck, purple lightning arcing through the sky.

Paul awoke, his head pounding, as he moved to rub his forehead he noticed something strange about his hand, no, paw.
He realised what had happed, he couldn't understand it and barely believe it but he knew.
"My parents are gonna KILL ME!"


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