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Favorite album?

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Do people still buy albums anymore?

I've only bought one full album, American Idiot, so that would probably be my favorite; however, I really do like Dookie. I've bought most of the songs on that album. (I also like Infinity on High and From Under the Cork Tree.)

So, what are everyone's favorite albums out there?

If your talking physical copies yes and no.(mind you these are all digital copies) I have one Eminem album,2 Passion Pit albums, MGMT, Rage Against The Machine, DragonForce, and a couple albums from System Of a Down. I have more digital copies of other albums, if I list them all it would be a lot. Just on my tablet alone I have close to 590MB of music.

I don't have a particular album that's my favorite since most I own I enjoy.

American Idiot is also one of my favorite albums, but I'm fond of Elephant (The White Stripes) and The Black Parade (My Chemical Romance).

I love to collect old vinyl albums, and my favorite one that I have by far has to be Vices from 1984 by the Canadian heavy metal band Kick Axe, a very underrated and awesome band, and overall a must-have album if you're into heavy metal, as all of the songs on it are all really amazing, my choice favorites from it being Maneater and On The Road To Rock.


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