Author Topic: How much do you find yourself "personifying" your computer or tech devices?  (Read 8262 times)

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Old thread, but:
A few months ago my laptop wouldnt turn on. I got so frustrated I chucked it off my back deck and it exploded all over the driveway. I got a new one at Office Max. As soon as this one starts showing signs of weekness, it will meet the same fate. I also threw my cell phone out of my car window because it dropped a call. Its all good... I got the insurance. I really hate it when things dont work properly. Its just a piece of machenery, like a can opener. It dont hold any other value to me than any other tool.

This is hilarious. I wouldn't do it to mine though, too expensive and it's got my files on it.

I name all my computers for network purposes... usually something to do with my username, plus what kind of computer it is. Don't name cars though, although I tend to drive older ones, and I like the sense of having learned all its weird attributes and behaviours that confound everyone else. I guess I more personalize than personify though. It becomes a way to represent me to those around me, and I modify it accordingly where possible (and neglect it accordingly in certain aspects, for that matter).
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I do uses furry name s when naming net for  my work group for m net is Bear******* or I sues Sanrio character names .  Unfortunately I a little more abusive (in jest) with my computers.My Pc know they working the net for me, I keep them in line. They better know not to hold out  on me or I use the boot strap program.
They call me the PC P.

Now were my cup.

Or they are my evil minions and  remember Acton doesn't tolerate failure.

Bear......what?  :o
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