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Need help seeking parts.
« on: June 30, 2011, 09:08:32 pm »
I guess this forum is the best spot to post this since what I'm asking is "technical".......sorta.

I can't say what I plan on building even though it's related to the next Kobuk 2.0 version fursuit I hope to have in the next 2 years, but I need help on finding the following:
* Some sort of clear acrylic tube (Not rod!) that is approx. 16" in diameter, and perhaps 22-24" in length.
* Need some sort of flexible flourescent/glow in the dark green colored hose/tubing. Length doesn't matter as I can cut it to the length I need. Diameter of perhaps 1 1/2" preferably, but may be willing to work with 1" or 2" sizes.
* Need about 4 CPU fans. Must be high powered to push a lot of air, but must also be ULTRA QUIET, Small size, Lightweight, and run on small/minimal power sources.
* Has anyone heard of something called "lightsheet"? I need some sort of thin flexible glow in the dark/flourescent green and red sheeting.

I am not sure what else I need. I have a best friend who can help with the rest of the electronic components I need and do construction. But if anybody can help me find the above items, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks. :)
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Re: Need help seeking parts.
« Reply #1 on: June 30, 2011, 10:48:30 pm »
About the CPU fans: A larger fan will give you more airflow for the same speed, and for the same airflow will be slower (and thus quieter). A smaller fan needs to be driven faster to get the same airflow, and is therefore noisier. Large and quiet or small and noisy. Those are your only two options; you can't have it both ways. What you're asking for is impossible to do with fans. Refrigeration is one possible answer, but requires a huge heatsink and a lot of power (which is why you don't see too many refrigerated fursuits). But don't let the laws of physics stand in the way of your plans! :P
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Re: Need help seeking parts.
« Reply #2 on: July 01, 2011, 05:27:01 pm »
I think it would be too thin for you, but the first thing I thought of for the green tubing would be tubing used in computer liquid-cooling systems. Green is a common color for those. However, 1/2" diameter is the larger of the common sizes of tubing.

Also, what kind of power draw are you looking for on those fans? If you want to run it off of batteries (assuming this is the case), you will also want to look for relatively low current on each fan. In general, less total current draw is going to make those batteries last longer.

You could go with a pretty traditional case fan:
Pros for these: Higher airflow, quieter
Cons: Rated for 12V. Some have higher current draw than others. Larger. Note with the 12V rating: you -can- run these on less power. They will be quieter, but also move less air.

Or, you can find some smaller ones made to run on 5V:
You can click around on that site to find other fans as well.
Pros: Smaller size, lower voltage, many have lower current draw as well
Cons: Louder, lower airflow

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