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Just testing out part of a new fursuit tutorial topic I'm writing, folks. ;) Just checking color placement, links, etc. This is the only "sneak peek" you'll get. ;) There'll be more to write this Fall.

You’ve spent so much time, money, and effort getting your first fursuit, but have you considered the time, money, and effort needed to make your fursuit last? You’ll need to think about disinfecting, cleaning, washing, and storing your fursuit, and that’s where this tutorial comes in. ;)
Granted, not all my information here will be accurate or precise. Just as there are as many reasons why people choose to become furry and join the furry fandom, so too is the diversity of ways that people clean and care for their fursuits. What works for one suit/person may not always work for another. What I have attempted to do here is provide as much information as possible and present some sort of “universal” or “generic” fursuit care guide. Sort of a “one size fits all” so to speak. ;)
When it comes to caring for your fursuit, if you have any doubts or questions on anything, then the first, and best, people to ask are the fursuit makers themselves who constructed your suit as they will know how your suit was constructed, the materials used, any special airbrushing used, etc., etc.

1. Supplies – What follows is a list of supplies you may or may not need for disinfecting, washing, and storing your suit. What you use and the amounts of items you use are completely up to you and are optional.
a) Disinfectant Spray – Some good choices to have are:
Anti-Bacterial Spray Disinfectant – This stuff comes in a purple and blue can (Can on the right of FeBreeze in the pic link below) and can be found at Wal-Mart for about $2-3. This is the EXACT same stuff as End-Bac mentioned above, but only much cheaper.
Lysol Disinfectant Spray

FeBreeze AntiMicrobial Spray – Comes in a bottle with an orange colored top.

Large tub or other container. If you do not plan on washing the bodysuit portion of the suit in the bathroom tub or in the washing machine, then a large tub is an alternative.

Rags, Sponges, and/or Paper towels.


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