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ConCrud (getting a mystery illness from a convention)

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Jade Sinapu:
I went to DenFur 2019, I now have a horrible head cold and am dead tired with minor fever.
What's your story and symptoms?
And please, what is the remedy, and do not say "rest"

I've only been to 5 furry cons, and about 10 other gaming conventions. I've never gotten concrud at any of them. I was sick with a slight illness in the weeks before leading up to AC2007 and I was taking antibiotics for that.

I know you didn't say "rest", Jade. But it is the best thing you can probably do right now. What other symptoms are you having? If it's the flu, you need to stay hydrated. Drink water only. No sodas, coffee, alcohol. If you drink OJ for the vitamin C content, you only need to drink one 8-12 oz. glass a day. No more than that. Depending on what your condition and other symptoms are, I'd recommend staying away from greasy, fatty, fried foods. Eat more healthy stuff like fruits and vegetables, soups.

Never been to a con but some hot soup and nyquil will patch you up nice

My suggestion.......and it's only a suggestion........when people go to cons, is to take along a small bag or case of the following travel sized products:
Chewable Pepto Bismal tablets
Nyquil tablets
Dayquil tablets
Hand sanitizer (Very important!)
Cough drops
Allergy medication

However, what a person takes and how much is completely up to them.

cause the rat:
Of all the different cons I've gone to i've only gotten con crud once. From a Sci-Fi con.  I always carry hand sanitizer, shower twice a day, always wash my hands. Eat two or more times a day and always get good sleep. This one time it didn't stop it. Super miserably sick. Ended up needed to go to a hospital. They had me taking anti biotics  for almost a month. I've gone to cons sense then. No problems at all.


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