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Does magic exist?

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Do you believe in magic? Does magic exist? Frankly, I don't think so. Magic is simply science that hasn't been explained yet. Anything touted as magic can be explained as either telekinesis, telepathy, empathy, ESP, or some other paranormal thing.

We'll its a matter of belief and there are things in this god forsaken rock that even science can't explain and and as a wiccan I don't really mess with magic I work with plants to work on herbal medicine and learn about nature and see what it has to offer

cause the rat:
If there were real psychics Vegas would be broke. If magic  was real we wouldn't strive to have the technology we have today. There would be no reason for it.

Kay Alett:
I believe in ESP and other similar "sixth sense" type of things but I think there are some things which are so rare and unique that they are often faked in the name of scams.

Take future telling for example. I believe Nostradamus had some method of seeing events to come but soothsayers, viziers, and other "fortune tellers" were by and large hacks with no genuine gifts.

I believe ghosts are real and that to see them requires some measure of extra sensory perception.

But magic? No. Magic is not real at least not in the popular depictions ala harry pottor or RPG mages.
The only kind of "magic" that I can accept is genuine and real is spells performed in wicca and even those are less magical spells and more akin to saying a prayer to god for something.

I am on the bus with Kobuk here.

However, we are capable of doing some pretty amazing things without needing to cloak it in mysticism.

In the sens of telling the future, it may not be quite as hard as you might think. At least in some ways. If you are a student of history, you have a pretty good chance of being able to predict what people are going to do in the future. Myself, I'm a probabilist, that is, I weigh what I think might be the probability of things happening are. Even I have had predictive dreams which I can not be explained by probability completely. Ask me about the Alligator Soup (which contained no actual alligator.)

We are capable of doing some pretty amazing things without any special powers, if we only applied ourselves more.


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