Why do you dislike or not believe?

Don't believe a "higher power/deity" exists.
24 (13.1%)
Do not believe the person known as Jesus Christ or "Jesus of Nazareth" existed.
10 (5.5%)
Do not believe in Heaven/Hell/Reincarnation, etc.
20 (10.9%)
Religious people and religious denominations are "too preachy".
24 (13.1%)
Religions try to "brainwash/indoctrinate" you.
23 (12.6%)
There's not a religion I like or feel comfortable with.
17 (9.3%)
I hate religion because my parents forced me to go to services.
6 (3.3%)
I don't believe in the Bible and all it's history, teachings, etc.
15 (8.2%)
There's no "proof" that God, etc. exists, therefor, I don't believe in anything.
25 (13.7%)
Other reason for disliking religion and/or not believeing. Please explain.
19 (10.4%)

Total Members Voted: 47

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Re: Why the dislike of religion?
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