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Notes about the Word Games Threads/Forum - Post Counts Removed.
« on: January 09, 2009, 09:06:36 pm »
To any and all members who play in the Word Games forum, this announcement is to inform you that posts made in any Word Game thread in the Word Games forum will no longer count toward a member’s post count starting today.
The reason for removing post counts in the Word Game forum is that it is too easy to spam the word game threads and try to reach a high post count with sometimes meaningless or unintelligent posts, or posts that may not fit within the theme of the game thread.
Members who attempt to spam any thread in any Furtopia forum could receive disciplinary measures such as revoking of posting privledges, temp banning, or other measures as determined by staff based on that member’s actions.
So if you go to post in any word game thread in the Word Game forum, your post count under your avatar will not rise.

Other notes about the Word Game Forum:

It should also be noted that when members create and/or play the word games, that those word games have instructions for playing them, Follow all Furtopian Posting Rules as necessary which are located here:,20851.0.html
……and that your word games present a non-spammish level of creativity and enjoyment.
For example: Posting a game where members simply count up to 1000 is too boring and may be considered as spam and the thread locked.
Also, other rules for word games are that members may not post in black colored text as that is banned due to it being too easy to hide posts and abuse language. Plus, text may not be any smaller than 7 pt. High. Anything smaller than that and it is too hard for members to read posts.

If members have any questions about anything mentioned here, then please PM a Mod or Admin and we'll help you out. Thanks for your understanding. :)
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Re: A Few Notes about the Word Games Threads/Forum.
« Reply #1 on: January 09, 2009, 09:19:01 pm »
Just a quick followup to Kobuk's post--

The Word Games forum was set up as a place for all us members to unwind and have fun. And we don't want to get in the way of anyone's fun! Recently, though, these games have exploded in popularity, and as a result they're getting a little out of control. On some days, all the discussion threads just get buried under a huge pile of word games, and a few members have been expressing their concerns about this lately.

We also realized recently that the word games account for about 20 percent of the total posts on the forum-- in other words, 20 percent of Furtopia's bandwidth, 20 percent of the money that comes out of WhiteShepherd's pocket to pay for this site. To be honest, that number's way too high for a forum meant to be devoted to furry discussion, and it's something we're concerned about.

Again, we don't want you to think we're just doing this to spoil your fun. We really don't want to impose any sort of harsh restrictions-- we're just asking you to limit yourselves a bit, so that this forum can remain fun for both word-gamers and non-word-gamers alike. 8)